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What is an Interactive Digital Display?
An interactive digital screen is a computer-driven device, allowing users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of a LCD display. The interactive LCD will be connected to a computer with USB, and the computer then connected back to the LCD with a video cable. These screens serve a variety of functions and are capable of many different things. First and foremost, would be the creation of interactivity with your computer files.

At a very basic level, think of the board as a large computer accessory – it also acts as your computer monitor. If your desktop is being shown on the display, simply double tap an icon and that file will open. If your internet browser is being shown, simply touch the back button, and the browser will go back one page. In this manner, you would be interacting with mouse functionality. However, an interactive LCD can do much more than that.
More Flexibility
An interactive LCD/LED interactive screen offers users the ability to customize a system to fit exactly what they need.
What is Digital Annotation?
Think of the way you would write on a traditional chalkboard. As the piece of chalk makes contact with the board, it forms letters and numbers. With a digital interactive whiteboard, it does the same exact thing – it just does it electronically.
Think of it as digital ink. You are still “writing on the board”, just in a different way. You can have the board as a blank white surface, and fill it up with notes, just like a chalkboard. Or, you can display a file and annotate over it. An example of annotation would be bringing up a map. You could write over the top of the map in a variety of different colors. Then, when you are done, you can save the marked up file as an image. At that point, it is an electronic file that can be emailed, printed, saved for a later date – whatever you wanted to do.
What Advantages do Led Interactive Whiteboard Offer Over Traditional Whiteboards?
You no longer have to purchase expensive projector lamps and experience unexpected burnouts.
Shadowing on a projected image is eliminated.
Projector light shining in users eyes, eliminated.
Maintenance to change filters on a projector, eliminated.
Much cleaner and crisp image than a projector are capable of producing.
The display will not be washed out by the sun or ambient light.
Less wiring than a traditional interactive system.
Many units are available with an optional built-in PC. This makes a true "All in One" system.
More durable surface than traditional whiteboards.

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