4K Ultra Electronic Whiteboard Provides Abundant Teaching Sources For school

  • By:YCZX
  • Date:2022/07/04

Nowadays, with the development of the internet, there are more and more electronic books and more and more teaching resources on the internet. Our best electronic whiteboard perfectly combines the internet with teaching, and students will get more abundant knowledge and broaden their horizon. Our best electronic whiteboard has 4K ultra clear touch display screen. Whether writing teaching formulas or English letters on it, we use low radiation anti-glare, so that the screen and picture are very clear. The pattern that shield an eye on our best electronic whiteboard, which can effectively filter harmful light, protect the screen color and brightness, teachers and students to watch for a long time will not cause eye pain, protect the eyesight of teachers and students even sat in the last row of the classroom also can see clearly the content of points in the board, watch a long time also won't feel eye fatigue.


The innovation of YCZX's best electronic smart board interactive whiteboard gives the school new vitality, not only improves the teaching level of the school, but also improves students' independent learning ability, breaks the traditional learning mode, and better cultivates professional talents white creates a more intelligent and intelligent education environment, which can provide students with a full of colorful educational life, meeting room, multi-functional blackboard our best electronic whiteboard white can play multimedia teaching through computers, which can be connected to two computers at most. It can be combined with computers to greatly improve students' interest in learning.  As we know, The best electronic whiteboard allows students to master the learning content more easily and master new knowledge more easily and quickly make students' attention to get greater relaxation, higher teaching efficiency in teaching more attention to the practical operation ability of students, can improve students' observation, memory, imagination, planning ability, sports ability. The electronic whiteboard, in the case of mastering basic knowledge, let students be more interested in learning.


Guangzhou Yczx 65 Inch Touch Screen


YCZX's Multi-functional blackboard in the conference room, the appearance of our best electronic whiteboard has also played a due effect, so that students in good interest, more willing to work hard, more able to learn easily, master the basic knowledge of the subject our best electronic whiteboard can also let students better to study, reduce the sense of boredom in class, can let students do no big in class, students relaxed in happiness, students master knowledge in ease, the classroom becomes more lively, teaching benefits are many best electronic whiteboard has been carried forward in the traditional teaching, spread more widely As a branch of the teaching blackboard, the intelligent electronic whiteboard has the following advantages compared with the traditional teaching blackboard: First, you can open the computer and use the intelligent blackboard to learn more effectively.


After class materials can be printed with the printing courseware, leaving the content that the teacher did not explain clearly in class or the content that needs to be supplemented in the printer, students can listen to the teacher and learn at the same time, but also track learning to make students learn more easily to meet different use needs some course templates for teaching are small in size and light in weight, and it is easy to change. You can view the course videos you want to watch on your mobile phone or computer. 

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