Interactive Touch Whiteboard vs Electronic Whiteboard

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2020/03/27

Electronic whiteboard appearance is very similar to interactive touch whiteboard. However electronic whiteboard is only a physical electric whiteboard. If not connected to a computer, it’s just a normal writing board. Even connect to a computer, it couldn’t use until install the drive; the Creation of interactive touch whiteboard took over the electronic whiteboard market very fast, especially interactive displays for education. So what is the difference between an electronic whiteboard and an interactive touch whiteboard?

Ⅰ. Convenience of Interactive touch whiteboard

Interactive touch whiteboard perfect collection of electronic whiteboard software, computer, TV, OPS, display, speakers. No need to set up all kinds of cables. Only one power cord. At the present interactive touch, whiteboard support WIFI connection, also no need a LAN line. As for electronic whiteboard, it has to connect to a projector, computer and speakers, complicated cables connection and use.


Ⅱ. Definition of Interactive touch whiteboard

Interactive touch whiteboard quadrupling the definition of a projector. Display still clearly even under sunshine, terminating the “Dark Times” of draw curtains on class; Screens under special treatment, it becomes anti-scratching, anti-corrosion, easy cleaning, anti-impact, with screen antiglare and anti-scatter technology; It is not influenced by light, infrared ray, etc. No shadow while writing.

Ⅲ. Healthy of Interactive touch whiteboard

Interactive touch whiteboard is eco-friendly and healthy, safe and reliable: zero radiation, low power, no noise. Good for protecting eyes and in good condition; TV display mode, avoid projector strong light hurting eyes when teachers teaching close to display. Leave teachers and students far away from chalks powder.

Ⅳ. Maintenance of Interactive touch whiteboard


Interactive touch whiteboard easy operation, besides longer lifetime, lower using cost than an electronic whiteboard. The projector used with traditional electronic whiteboard, quality low to good. After some time using, changing bulbs of a projector. It takes 300 - 800 US dollars each time. Directly increasing use-cost in a later period. But interactive touch whiteboard lifetime up to 50,000 hours. Almost no other use-cost. Based on the above analysis, it’s a great trending interactive touch whiteboard replacing electronic whiteboard. If you have any requirements about interactive touch whiteboard, please call electronic whiteboard manufacturer-YCZX hotline, most professional proposals would be offered.

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