What Are The Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in Education

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2019/02/26

Today, interactive whiteboards have already been one of the most powerful teaching tools in classrooms and schools. You can find interactive whiteboards in education in elementary classrooms and university lecture halls. They gain a high reputation because they can foster interaction and focus students’ attention. Teachers can easily expand their curriculum by integrating new materials into a lesson. Teachers and students can use online educational resources, apps, or electronic files. They can also annotate on the big touch screen pc with fingers or a stylus.


Teacher-directed viewing of any website, app, video, or document to support learning objectives

The dramatic emphasis of key learning points with onscreen highlighting and annotation

Save and print capability, for instant handouts, supplementary notes, and absent students

Facilitation of group projects and individual presentations

The ability to collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, design projects, etc.

Video conferencing connectivity for virtual field trips, international sister classrooms, and more

Text/data entry via floating on-screen keyboard

On-screen editing and recording of changes or additions

Support for effective special needs education

Student feedback and assessment with optional audience response accessories

Interactive whiteboard supplier - YCZX wholesales interactive whiteboard. With many given benefits, Interactive whiteboard brings to classrooms, it is easy to understand enthusiasm from teachers and students for its high reputation.

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