Why Did The Infrared Whiteboard Become Mainstream

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2021/03/10

From the start of the development of all in one PC touch screen to the present, the application field of all in one PC touch screen is more and more extensive.

According to the different application fields, the function of the all-in-one PC touch screen is different, which can be divided into interactive screens for education, interactive whiteboards for business, led interactive whiteboard, interactive digital display, and so on. YICHUANG is an electronic whiteboard manufacturer which has different kinds of touch screens.

As a perfect combination of all in one PC touch screen and computer, all in one PC touch screen is a very important part.

Among the numerous manufacturers of all-in-one touch PC in the market, most of the manufacturers of LED all-in-one PC touch screens use infrared whiteboards.

So why did the infrared whiteboard become the mainstream of the market?

Currently, there are four types of touch screens in the market: resistive screen, capacitive screen, infrared screen, and optical screen.

These four touch screen technology principles are different, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The resistive screen & the optical screen

The resistive screen and the optical screen are not suitable for the all-in-one touch PC, because of their application principle and technical level. Therefore, they have been eliminated by the all-in-one touch PC.

The capacitive touch screen

As for the capacitive touch screen, technically speaking, it is undoubtedly the highest of the four.

However, as the current technology level is not mature enough to meet the application requirements of the technical principle, it can only be applied on the small size of the touch screen, which is what we use on our mobile phones.

The sensitivity and precision of the capacitive screen are both better than that of the infrared touch screen. However, the lack of technical level leads to the high cost of the capacitive screens in large size. There is no market according to the situation.

The infrared touch screen

The technological level of the infrared touch screen has been mature and stable. In terms of size, it can be made into large size or small sizes with great flexibility.

As for touch sensitivity and precision rank only second to the capacitive screen. It writes in a continuous pen with no pressure, and the touch does not drift.

Its use is little affected by the environment, not afraid of the wind and rain, not affected by the light.


Moreover, the infrared touch screen can achieve true multi-touch. At present, the all-in-one infrared touch PC manufactured by Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic CO., LTD can support true ten-points touch.

Also, the use of the infrared touch screen is not restricted by touch objects.

The human body, like a capacitive screen, induces current, and if other objects are used for touching, there is no response.

An infrared touch screen is produced by infrared light color infrared technology. As long as the object touches it, it will be bright and dark. What’s more, the inner tube is not broken, it can always be accurately touched. Lifespan is at least 60 million hits or more.

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that the application of infrared whiteboard in the all-in-one PC touch screen industry has many advantages, so it can be mainstream in the market.

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