Four Benefits of Interactive Flat Panel for Classrooms

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2018/12/05

Over the years, the interactive flat panel has gained popularity in many classrooms because benefits it brings. Not only can it enhance how teachers teach, but it can also enhance the ways students learn. It turns the classical classroom into an interesting and collaborative environment.


1. Interactive flat panel - Flexibility in teaching

An interactive flat panel for education allows different documents and media for teaching and interacting. With the help of designed software, you can use images, videos, flash, graphs, subject tools, and games to make your lectures more vivid and fun. Getting access to Internet can search for any resources you want at any time during classes. Convenience access to multi forms of documents and media makes it flexible and convenient for teachers and students.

2. Interactive flat panel - Interact and share

Multi-touch technology supports students interact and sharing together. Interactivity provides opportunities for every student to interact and engage in class. For them, they have a better chance to participate in and contribute to class presentations and discussions. Many students or a team can work together on the screen for brainstorming, presentation, and quiz thanking multi-touch technology.

3. Interactive flat panel - Enhance classroom experience

The interactive flat panel gives a new experience for teachers and students with different styles. The interactive flat panel software provides many educational tools to use together with multimedia. It means teachers have more ways to demonstrate using flash to carry on scientific experiments and explain the natural principles. Teachers and students can directly write annotations on the screen about specific questions. The way of direct cooperation between teachers and students also shortens the distance between teachers and students.

4. Interactive flat panel - Easily review and share

One benefit of the interactive digital display is that it supports digital annotation and can be saved at any time. Then you can review, modify and send to others later when you want. Similarly, you can review your files such as PowerPoint later with annotations and send them to others in Word or PDF. It also supports screen records that can record your whole lecture and can be reviewed and sent.

Not only do interactive flat panels bring convenience and flexibility to classrooms, but they also increase the engagement of teachers and students. Adopting interactive flat panels could boost students’ performance and classes’ atmosphere in the long run.

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