Classroom Smart Blackboard

What is a Smart Blackboard?

The smart blackboard integrates a traditional blackboard with full HD and 4K multi-touchscreen and future technology perfectly, which brings you all the conveniences in teaching. You can write on the smart blackboard as well as play videos, PDFs, pictures, PowerPoint and etc.

The Nano Interactive Blackboard of YCZX

The nano interactive blackboard of YCZX is designed to create a more engaging and efficient learning environment. Captivate students with a high-quality interactive touch screen monitor and make classes or presentations more efficient and simple.

The infrared touch technology and the smooth screen of the smart blackboard provide you with the familiar feeling of touching your phone. The same operation of operating your phone and pad with sliding, dragging, zooming in and out, and touching, it is easy and simple for you to handle the interactive digital display.

Besides easy touch, it is also easy to connect and share. With many VGA, HDMI, and USB touch ports, it can connect various devices through wires and these ports. And also can share through screen sharing software and a wireless connection dongle.

YCZX is a professional smart nano interactive blackboard manufacturer and produces interactive screens for education with rich experience in OEM manufacturing for more than 10 years. We also have a professional after-sale team to guarantee your overhaul and repairmen requests. Superior quality, reasonable price, and excellent service are always our promises to our customers.

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