What Is The Best Interactive Whiteboard for Business

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  • Date:2020/08/06

Have you ever used a smart touch board? Smart board manufacturer -YCZX, specializes in technology developing and manufacturing smart touch boards for education, conference use! We provide our partners with more effective solutions! Maybe you have some questions in some daily business conferences: Still in need to open the projector and the cloth before preparing company meetings? Still, one hand holds a laptop, another hand holds remote control? Still, sitting there squinting against the projector's weak light? Still, holding back by complex cables connection? People have begun to advocate precision, simplicity, and brevity meetings. For powerful companies, they don't waste time in meetings!


Interactive flat panel

The all-in-one interactive flat panel is equipped with a 120G SSD hard disk, 4G running memory, and an intel-core processor. There are three mainstream processors, i3, i5, and i7, which are available for consumers to choose from. In the built-in system, the manufacturer presets Windows 10 and android dual systems. A selected LG 2K touch screen with maximum support of 4K.

Interactive whiteboards for business

The interactive whiteboards for business are equipped with handwritten annotation software, which can write and annotate the meeting materials, insert video, pictures, and other office software into the meeting speech, and the meeting record can be saved with one key, which is convenient for viewing after the meeting. During the meeting, you can write, demonstrate, draw and table on the smart touch board. You can adjust font color and handwriting thickness according to your personal preference and different scenes (write simulation), and you can enlarge, shrink and move the content. Human-computer interaction makes writing more fun for you.

What Is the Best Interactive Whiteboard for Business?

Touch screen smart board

YCZX touch screen smart board uses wireless transmission technology, which can better reflect the high technology and strong interactivity of the conference board. You can reach 2 or more electronic devices to achieve simultaneous projection without connecting them with the data cable. People spread their ideas on the table, which makes communication easier.

With YCZX touch screen smart board, during the meeting, the document can be edited at the same time, and the annotation function can be used to greatly improve work efficiency. By YCZX touch screen smart board dedicated software and remote meeting software organic combination, whether the participants are in the same city or in the distribution in different parts of the world, touch all-in-one meeting the multinational across regions in real-time mode, realize the different participants, such as the effect of one room, further simplify the cumbersome process of the remote conference.

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