Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard

What is a Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard?

A smart board interactive whiteboard is receptive to touch and allows you to write and move things around. Smart board interactive whiteboards grant you the ability to tap things with a finger, and they also come with special-colored pens to write with.

Interactive smart board for teaching is becoming particularly prevalent. The ease of use and widespread engagement for learning means that every day, teachers are relying on interactive whiteboards in the classroom to support their lessons. When using a smart board for teaching can make lessons more efficient.

How does a Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard Work?

Using a smart board interactive whiteboard is as simple as connecting your computer. Through a projector, an image of the computer screen is displayed on the interactive board, where the board offers touch screen capabilities. The smart board interactive whiteboard allows the user to click on buttons, highlight text and drop and drag items right from the computer screen display. Smart board interactive whiteboards are available in the form of a stand-alone touchscreen computer or a connectable apparatus with touchpad controls from the projector screen.

How To Choose A Suitable Electronic Interactive Whiteboard?

First of all, YCZX interactive flat panel is a multimedia teaching equipment that will be used on many campuses, because it is used with multimedia teaching, which can effectively stimulate children's interest, enrich children's imagination ability, and increase their interest in preschool education classrooms. This is a question in most people's minds, today we will introduce choosing the most suitable interactive flat panel on campus and the application of the most suitable interactive flat panel for education. As usual, choosing the right electronic interactive whiteboard depends on the size of the classroom and the number of students. The following picture is our diagonal size table of the interactive flat panel.



Nowadays, many schools are using the digital smart board for teaching, how large the size of the smart board interactive whiteboards mainly depends on the size of the classroom and the number of students, 55 inches can generally be used for classrooms with 30 students, generally 65 inches of electronic interactive whiteboard widely used on campus, the classroom size of 30-40 students, 70 inches of the electronic interactive whiteboard generally suitable for the number of 40-50 students, at the same time. The use of an electronic interactive whiteboard to teach students on-campus lessons, watch videos, etc., need to maintain a suitable viewing distance so that students and teachers can clearly see the picture displayed by teaching, otherwise, the viewing distance is too close or too far, which is harmful to students' eyes. The following picture is our diagonal size table of the recommended classroom size area and best viewing distance.



When choosing the diagonal size of the smart board interactive whiteboards in education on campus, the first consideration is the size of the classroom. Because a classroom is a place where the teacher teaches students and assigns homework, and it is also a place where students study and write homework.


Therefore, when choosing the size of the diagonal interactive whiteboards in education on campus, it is necessary to understand the size of the classroom where the interactive whiteboards in education are placed, then determine what size of the smart interactive whiteboards for teaching would be purchased. At the same time, you can also communicate with smart board manufacturers like YCZX according to the size of the classroom, and they will develop a set of interactive whiteboards sizes and programs suitable for you according to your actual situation.


In general, the common sizes of the interactive touch screen applied to campus are mainly 55 inches, 65 inches, 70 inches, and so on. The larger the classroom, the size chosen should be increased accordingly, and conversely, the smaller the classroom, the smaller the choice can be correspondingly smaller.


As a professional touch screen display supplier, YCZX specializes in providing a variety of high-quality interactive touch screens with honest operation and sincere service, which has built a good reputation in the market. It provides customized solutions of various sizes of an interactive touch screen to meet the needs of various uses.  Widely welcomed by people from all walks of life.

Choose The Operating System You Need In The Board

With more and more touch screen smart boards competing for viewers' attention, many vendors are looking for more effective ways to stand out. We've all seen some amazing videos of the touch screen smart board on social media, touch screen smart board in conference rooms, touch screen smart board for teaching, and so on. It captivated viewers who saw the touch screen smart board video. It may look like magic, but it's really just an optical illusion that requires careful planning and execution. In fact, the magic is in the creation.


Nowadays, there are many touch products on the market. Different industries have different new functions and their appearance is customized according to industry requirements.  They are generally referred to as touch screen smart boards or digital interactive whiteboards. The touch screen smart board can be operated by touch control, with powerful functions and simple operation. Of course, the touch screen smart board needs the support of hardware and software to achieve so many functions. The hardware needs the support of software and a system.


First: android system, the android system is familiar to most people, we use the android phone is the android system, mainly used in the field of touch all-in-one on capacitance, infrared touch all-in-one PC, many businesses will develop some APPs, for their own business and product promotion, the android system is needed for the operation.


Comparatively speaking, the Android system has better compatibility and good stability. The most important thing is that the price of the Android system is cheaper, so many businesses will choose the Android system first. We have a deep experience when we talk about the compatibility and stability of the system. For example, when we use an APP on mobile phones, we will download the corresponding version of the APP of the system first.


Stability is also very important when we run the APP at ordinary times. If the APP is unstable, various problems will occur. The same applies to the smart touch board. Note the compatibility and stability of the system. Our YCZX smart touch board is constantly tested and upgraded, and system compatibility and stability problems rarely occur. That's why so many people choose our YZCX's smart touch board.


The second: windows system is also an operating system of touch control all-in-one computer products, which is used by most PCS. Currently, in the smart touch board, commonly used Windows systems are generally Windows 7 system, Windows 8 system, and Windows 10 system three, as well as our upcoming production of Windows 11 system. It can be very convenient to import PPT, Word, pictures, videos, and other format files, which can not only make People's Daily operations more simple and fast, but also provide people with an efficient and easy working environment, but the price is higher than the android system.


The last is the android system + Windows system, this is the advantage of both systems. The times are developing, science and technology are progressing, now there are many intelligent offices that can adapt to a variety of systems, smart touch board is a high-tech product, different from the general computer all-in-one machine, it is with touch function so that the operation becomes simpler, more direct, faster, I believe that in the future, smart touch board will develop better and better, go farther and farther, YCZX is willing to witness a better future with the majority of consumers.

Whether You Will Need Video Conference App And HD Camera?

For example, whether you need a video conference or not, whether you need an HD camera. The interactive touch panel is a modern intelligent machine integrating basic functions such as whiteboard, computer, TV, projector, audio, high-definition display, etc., the interactive touch panel solves the systematic conference requirements of remote communication, video file playback, screenwriting, and document annotation. YCZX's all-in-one pc touch screen includes wireless projection, whiteboard writing, teleconferencing, touch, and other basic functions that can be applied to many scenarios.


Firstly, when the interactive digital display is applied in banks. The 4K display clearly displays a wide variety of investment and wealth management products. Thanks to infrared touch technology, users can use gestures to manipulate, reduce text and photos, and further improve the customer's reading experience. In addition, interactive display and computer-like basic functions, simple operations, can open multiple documents together, so that users can be compared each investment and wealth management product.


It can also open a short-distance video, instantly connect with a team of authoritative experts and investment consultants, and highly analyze financial solutions for users. Together with the convenience of providing users, it also assists banks to save paper printing costs, implement the core concept of the paperless office, and become more and more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Secondly, when the interactive display is applied in government departments. With the help of the interactive display, government meetings have changed from "one-way" to "interactive". The interactive display has wireless data transmission technology, which can connect mobile phones, laptops, tablets, conference tablets, start or pause the transmission, parsing, display, and control of multimedia (audio, video, pictures) content, and introduce training content on different platform devices.


At the same time, the staff can also introduce the group ideas in a timely manner on the display screen, discuss and communicate, which greatly improves the interactivity. After the meeting, they can implement the party's easy-to-understand policy and better serve the people.


Thirdly, when the interactive display is applied in business. In the past, when the company held meetings, some problems often occurred when using the previous interactive digital display, such as unclear projection, difficulty in cleaning the whiteboard, running out of water after a few times of use, often wasting valuable time, and the work efficiency of each meeting was greatly reduced. However, after using YCZX's interactive digital display for meetings, it completely abandons the traditional meeting format and creates an efficient meeting, just needs a YCZX interactive digital display. 

How To Connect The Smart Board With HDMI or USB?

The traditional connection is a wired connection:

1. Prepare an HDMI cable.

2. Connect one end to the touch screen smart board and the other end to the computer using an HDMI cable.

3. If the screen of the touch screen smart board shows the desktop of the computer after the connection, it means the connection is successful.


The touch screen smart board on the market basically has HDMI interfaces, for example, YCZX's touch screen smart board has HDMI interfaces. Another connection is to connect the wireless screen transmitter to the touch screen smart board:

1. Open the wireless screen transmission software of the touch screen smart board.

2. Plug the wireless screen transmitter into the touch screen smart board through the USB interface for pairing, wait for 3-5 seconds, and unplug the wireless screen transmitter after the pairing is completed.

3. Plug the paired wireless screen transmitter into the computer and tap the middle button of the wireless screen transmitter.

4. If the touch screen smart board displays the computer desktop at this time, indicating that the wireless screen transmission is successful, if it is not displayed, please repeat the above operations.

Applications of Anti-glare In Smart Interactive Board

With the support of relevant national policies, intelligent teaching, informatization, and diversification have become the development direction. The anti-glare glass display touch screen whiteboard will be high-tech and traditional teaching deep integration, with a high degree of integration, clear display effect, to achieve intelligent teaching integration, has become the mainstream of the growth of interactive teaching equipment market. Nowadays, more and more interactive whiteboard manufacturers choose to use anti-glare glass. Here are the benefits of using anti-glare glass:


1. Anti-glare touch screen whiteboards are low reflection, reduce reflection, and the image is clearer.

Anti-glare glass is a kind of glass for special processing of the glass surface, anti-glare glass compared with ordinary glass, with a lower reflectance ratio, whether it is single-layer or multi-layer glass, the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%, eliminating the "mirror"-like interference caused by external light on the display, improving the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, reducing the reflection of the screen, enhancing the visual effect of people on the picture and the number, making the image more clear and realistic.


2. Anti-glare glass has the characteristics of high light transmission and vision protection.

Anti-glare glass has the ability to reduce glare and maximize image contrast and sharpness. There is also a good performance in restoring color, helping to enhance the visual effect, ensuring that the glass maintains good light transmittance under strong light while having a paper-like display effect, not easy to use eye fatigue, intelligent eye protection, children in learning while achieving multiple protection.


3. Anti-glare glass has better fluency and a good hand feel in the touch writing experience.

YCZX's touch screen whiteboard of the degree of hanging powder is related to roughness, the lower the roughness, the higher the gloss, the chalk writing is easy to slip, not good to hang powder, writing is not; roughness reaches 1.3±0.2μm or so, the board surface can be very good hanging powder, writing is not slippery. Anti-glare touch screen whiteboard due to its unique surface structure, smooth writing, easy to write and easy to wipe, no scratches, sensitive operation, to meet the needs of multiple scenes.


With the popularization of intelligent teaching, the future anti-glare touch screen whiteboard will inevitably be applied to more and more educational equipment display products.

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