Smart Board Interactive Flat Panel In School Teaching

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  • Date:2022/10/17

Smart board interactive flat panel is a high-tech interactive teaching product, which can realize the seamless switch between the traditional teaching blackboard and the smart board interactive flat panel through touch control, turning the traditional teaching blackboard into a perceptive interactive whiteboard, and realizing the innovative.

What YCZX Smart Board Interactive Flat Panel Provides ?

YCZX smart board interactive flat panel provides high-definition display and interactive touch control, including various multimedia teaching functions such as playing teaching courseware, video, pictures, animation and comments. Smart board interactive perfectly displays intelligent and high-definition interactive display functions, deeply integrates traditional teaching with modern technology, and brings better teaching experience. Our digital whiteboard for classroom has many sizes of blackboards, which can meet the needs of the scene with a large number of personnel and a large display space. Users are no longer limited to the square inch, giant screen touch control, give you the whole vision.


Our smart board interactive flat panel adopts high-performance dual-system intelligent driver technology to support seamless access between Android and windows dual-system platforms, meeting scenarios at all levels. Our smart board interactive flat panel supports intelligent gesture recognition function, touch the central menu function, the user experience is good. YCZX smart board interactive flat panel supports dual-system network sharing, USB data sharing, and signal scenario sharing. Our smart board interactive flat panel supports the scenario without computer host, the driver system embedded with intelligent teaching software, support multi-person writing mode, our smart board interactive flat panel supports multi-disciplinary scene teaching mode. YCZXmart board interactive flat panel supports file save/open/insert, background switch, file annotation and other functions.

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Our smart board interactive flat panel built-in industrial control OPS plug type host, scientific safety, convenient maintenance; Our smart board interactive flat panel adopts the international leading Intel processor system, SSD solid state disk, support hard shutdown, fast startup, with wireless network integration function, convenient for daily teaching network and digital. In the evolution of "digital blackboard", smart board interactive whiteboard has emerged in recent years . Compared with the traditional blackboard, it really overcomes the disadvantages of traditional classroom teaching. smart board interactive whiteboard.


for teaching is a multimedia classroom teaching form integrating visual, pictorial and interesting. Smart board interactive whiteboard can not only easily introduce and present digital information resources, but also increase or decrease the content at any time according to the needs. Smart board interactive whiteboard is a new teaching device that can not only give full play to the leading role and personal charm of teachers, but also enhance the participation and interaction between teachers and students. YCZX smart board interactive flat panel makes full use of the characteristics of information education. On the basis of combining the characteristics of modern teaching and traditional teaching, it gives full play to the role of smart board interactive flat panel in teaching. It really brings information into the ordinary classroom and daily teaching activities. At present, many schools in China have introduced our smart board interactive flat panel into the classroom as a regular teaching tool. Our smart board interactive flat panel has the following advantages when applied to the teaching process.

    Touch Screen Monitor Interactive  Whiteboard Smartboard

Our smart board interactive flat panel system is very closely integrated with the traditional teaching methods and fully conforms to the traditional teaching habits. Users can walk freely, whether writing on the board, or courseware, or computer control, can be completed on the whiteboard, very intelligent. Using YCZX smart board interactive flat panel teaching can stimulate students' interest in learning. Study is a hard work, for a long time, it is easy to make people feel tired and irritable, so slack down. Because of the limitations of traditional teaching methods and facilities, they often can not meet the needs of students, which affects the teaching effect. Multimedia audio and video, especially image, animation, video and sound, make teaching materials become more vivid. Using our smart board interactive flat panel teaching can give students a variety of sensory stimulation, which is conducive to stimulate learning interest, form good learning motivation, and then produce good learning effects.


Our smart board interactive flat panel has rich teaching content and greatly improves teaching efficiency. Each subject adopts multimedia means to assist classroom teaching, which can choose advanced teaching methods more flexibly, enrich teaching content, expand students' thinking space, and improve teaching efficiency. Such as use of multimedia in Chinese teaching, explore the analysis of the text to change traditional classroom discussion, by watching video, more image, more intuitively feel the soul of the works, in appreciation for students to conduct the analysis combined with the text, on the one hand, to cultivate the students' oral expression ability, on the other hand to guide the student to the text compared with film and television works, thus more deeply understand the theme of the article. In addition, the use of multimedia for review is superior to the traditional teaching mode, which can not only increase the classroom capacity, but also help to guide students to think from multiple perspectives. Our smart board interactive flat panel can optimize the teaching situation and greatly promote students' active learning.

Advantages of Multimedia In Promoting Students' Learning

The multimedia technology of Our smart board interactive flat panel can integrate text, diagram, sound, moving and static images together to form teaching software, producing excellent realistic effect, making the content more enriched, more vivid and attractive, so as to improve students' learning enthusiasm and learning efficiency. Besides, it with database technology to improve the level of auxiliary teaching and comprehensive use of multimedia information. The combination of our 98 inch interactive flat panel and network technology enables the multimedia assisted teaching system to allow students, teachers and students to communicate with each other across time and space limitations, so that each student can have a wide range of information sources and interfaces, thus expanding the scope of knowledge. Improved the ability to analyze and solve problems.


The multimedia environment created by our smart board interactive flat panel gives teachers more time to contact each student, more time to consider other issues such as curriculum setting, and makes it possible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Students' independent learning makes teachers spend more time on other work, for example, teachers can have enough time to update their own knowledge, grasp the latest scientific and technological trends, collect teaching materials and so on. The interactive flat panel not only adapts to the reform, but also improves the quality of teachers and students. The use of multimedia means requires teachers to have higher quality. Teachers in the information age should actively study the relevant theories of education and teaching and strive to improve their information literacy. It is impossible to imagine a teacher with poor information literacy who can effectively integrate information technology with the curriculum. All these require teachers to improve their own ability, learn the operation methods of multimedia, keep up with the pace of the times, and adapt to the needs of educational reform.


From the perspective of students, in the traditional teaching process, everything is decided by teachers, teachers are the knowledge imparting, students are the receivers, can only passively participate in this process, that is, in the state of being indoctrinated. In the interactive learning environment, students can choose what they want to learn according to their own learning basis and learning interest, and choose exercises suitable for their own level, so as to give students more time and space to explore, discover and study. When teachers use smart board interactive flat panel in classroom teaching to encourage students to actively participate in the teaching process, in addition to displaying rich teaching content and instant annotations. Our smart board interactive flat panel does not break the teaching content and improve the effectiveness of teacher-student interaction.

Teachers Can Make Annotations On Teaching Content

The written content can be removed instantly without traditional blackboard observation. And if they are not, our smart board interactive flat panel can save a historical record of all operations. Moreover, they can easily use the template of the smart board interactive flat panel itself to carry out teaching design and call various multimedia resources. Such as trigonometry, compass, ruler, protractor, make teachers in lesson preparation, drawing and other aspects of saving time and effort. Through the network function, teachers can also make collective lesson preparation and play the spirit of teamwork. With the progress of science and technology, the teaching application equipment is constantly updated. The traditional blackboard, chalk, projector and electronic whiteboard can no longer keep up with the trend of The Times.

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Now the mainstream of teaching equipment is our smart board interactive flat panel. As a high-tech electronic touch control product, our smart board interactive flat panel is more convenient to teach and learn, and the operation is simple and fast. At present, the use of our smart board interactive flat panel teaching has been recognized by more and more educational institutions, especially in early childhood education, interactive teaching model can make children easier to accept the classroom content, the teacher-centered dogmatic teaching model, Into a very interesting entertainment teaching mode. With the wide application of multimedia equipment in kindergarten education activities, multimedia has gradually become an indispensable auxiliary tool in the teaching process of modern kindergartens. our smart board interactive flat panel not only updates the teaching means and methods, but also displays the teaching materials more vividly and comprehensively, better arouses children's interest in learning, so as to improve the teaching quality and play a great role in the teaching process of teachers.


To some extent, multimedia is the technology that computerizes the five organs of a person: hands, ears, nose, mouth and eyes. Compared with traditional teaching methods, multimedia teaching shows its unique advantages. It can break through the limitations of time and space with powerful interactive functions, organically combine sound, image and text together, and create a vivid, vivid, intuitive, audio-visual situation for children. At present, multimedia has been widely used in the field of early childhood education and is playing an increasingly important role. The use of our smart board interactive flat panel for teaching can effectively shorten the teaching time, improve the efficiency of memory, and mobilize students' intentional attention and unintentional attention to a large extent. Convenient, fast and efficient multimedia teaching through the demonstration courseware, make the teaching method become convenient and fast, save the teacher's writing time when teaching, improve the teaching efficiency.


Smart Board Interactive Flat Panel Stimulate Students' Interest In Learning

The teaching content can be repeated learning, can carry out distance education, improve teaching efficiency, save education funds, reduce education costs. With the continuous development of education in recent years, the in-depth development of campus information construction has not only improved the management information, but also benefited students and teachers. Vigorously promoting the modernization of education is the mainstream of development, the operation of modern educational technology means into the teaching process, to provide teachers and students with a new teaching environment, has become the market trend.


Our smart board interactive flat panel has the function of recording and playback for multiple teaching processes, which is conducive to teachers' continuous accumulation of teaching experience and timely adjustment of the system's teaching strategy according to the specific situation. As an intelligent classroom auxiliary teaching equipment, our smart board interactive flat panel provides a better display mode and teaching platform for classroom teaching. Can strengthen the classroom interaction between students and teachers, so as to better complete the teaching task. The HD LCD screen and independent intelligent operating system, with touch handwriting, multimedia video playback, network transmission and other functions, also with screen recording, image font magnification and other functions. The magnification function of our smart board interactive flat panel enables students to see the text on the display in any row, which can meet the teaching needs in a variety of environments.

    Interactive Board and Smart Whiteboard

When our smart board interactive flat panel is applied in English teaching, students can really feel the charm of English. Teachers can use pictures and other intuitive ways of expression, and the use of online expression to present English, so that English learning is more intuitive and easy to understand. Similarly, our smart board interactive flat panel can also provide more diversified ways for English expression and create better conditions for students' language expression ability. Students can experience the fun of English learning by using movies, videos and audio materials. In the process of imperceptibly improve oral expression ability. When applied in mathematics teaching, our smart board interactive flat panel can mobilize students' thinking and logical operation ability. 


For example, in the teaching process of geometric figures, teachers can swing and rotate the figures through our smart board interactive flat panel, and students can also have a deeper understanding of the differences and connections between various geometric figures through computer operation. This process can deepen the students' learning impression. Through practical operation on the computer, students can make self-summary, so as to improve the learning effect. YCZX interactive panel for classroom can also mobilize students' learning enthusiasm and interest. In addition to the teacher's teaching plan, various famous lecture videos or real cases should be added in time. Our smart board interactive flat panel can well mobilize these resources, according to the needs of students to carry out teaching activities, rigid teaching classes become lively and interesting, stimulate students' interest, so that the Chinese teaching goal is better realized.

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