Features of Smart Interactive Board For Office

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2022/03/14

With the continuous development of science and technology, office application equipment is constantly updated, from the traditional projector to the smart board for office, the equipment is more and more advanced, the efficiency of meetings is becoming higher and higher, and the interaction of meetings is constantly enhanced. Our interactive smart board as an emerging high-tech touch meeting equipment is not only one of the all-in-one computer products, but also one of the touch-screen all-in-one computer products that are very popular in the market in recent years. It integrates computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet and other functions. It has the features of fashionable appearance, hd display, simple operation, powerful function and easy installation.


The smart board for office configures various meeting applications, such as: electronic whiteboard software, remote video software, and multimedia player software can be operated directly on the smart Board screen with your fingers or stylus, facilitating meetings for bosses and colleagues. YCZX interactive smart boards uses high-end capacitive electromagnetic dual touch screens for a smooth, lightweight and sensitive writing experience. The screen has 4K high-definition resolution, and the real scenes of characters are clearly visible, with more information displayed in a single area. The anti-glare technology can effectively avoid the harm of glare to human eyes and the impact on visual effect.


Our smart board for office can accurately recognize the operation of hand and pen, and eliminate the interference of palm and other objects when writing. Meanwhile, it also supports multi-touch, making interaction more convenient and intelligent. In the traditional meeting mode, once the common whiteboard is written wrong during the meeting and discussion, it needs to be erased by the white board eraser, which not only wastes energy and time, but also interrupts the thinking of discussion. However, Our Smart Board for Office strongly supports three intelligent erasure modes, such as fine erasure, back-of-hand erasure and one-click erasure, to meet users' diverse erasure needs.


Our smart board for office subverts the traditional mode of taking notes with ink and paper in meetings. Participants can write smoothly by sliding their fingers or strokes on the smart whiteboard during discussions. The ability to add pages to a smart whiteboard allows meetings to continue "indefinitely" with ideas and wisdom while the previous notes are still saved. After the meeting, meeting minutes can be saved locally, or saved and shared by scanning code, realizing environmental-friendly paperless office. Moreover, This interactive board is a demonstration system that enables the presenter to circle and annotate at any moment of operation. In-depth participation and interaction greatly improve the enthusiasm and efficiency of the meeting. Standing in front of the conference platform, the presenter only needs to touch the screen with a finger to turn pages at any time, and can also enable the annotation mode to assist the presentation. In addition, in the wireless screen transmission mode also supports touch back, to achieve the reverse control of the computer. Multiple screens are also easy to control.


YCZX smart board for office is compatible with a variety of remote video conferencing hardware and software, and split-screen dialogue supports multi-party conference, making cross-regional collaborative Office more convenient and efficient, and greatly saving huge travel expenses. With the efficient and convenient cloud conference software, you can participate in video conferences anytime and anywhere on your mobile device, providing you with an immersive teleconferencing experience.

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