How to Select Touch Screen Smart Board

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2019/11/20

Nowadays, the application of a touch screen smart board has been very popular in public daily life and work. The simple and convenient touch control operation method has been loved by the majority of users, and various industries are in rush to purchase and use it.

However, due to the lack of professionalism and limited knowledge of the touch screen board, usually, it is possible to have the situation that buys improper products.

When considering purchasing our interactive whiteboard company touch screen interactive whiteboard, everyone wants to be able to get the right touch screen smart board at a more affordable price.

Guangzhou Yichuang suggests actually we can analyze the various components of the product to find a more suitable touch screen smart board.

Here, Guangzhou Yichuang gives some advice on how to select a touch screen smart board.


The advantages of touch screen smart board

1. Appearance

Good-looking always more attractive. Everybody likes the fragrant lotus of the pond, but few people pay more attention to the grass by the side of the road.

As with plants, a good-looking product will be a hit, so a good-looking touch screen smart board that hits you will certainly be a sufficient condition for your choice.

Touch screen board adopts the design of ultra-narrow frame design and ultra-thin whole machine, which has the sense of using fashion, high-end and technology and brings the visual impact to the customer experience.

2. Multimedia functions

Touch screen smart board for education, the emphasis is definitely on the "multimedia" function. Different writing pen/text/graphics and various form erasers, local resources, online resources, and tools are available at any time to assist teachers in classroom teaching.

Teachers and students can learn content interaction at any time by Powerpoint annotation, and so on.

In addition, the smart board produced by Yichuang is more suitable for selecting toolbars, zooming in or zooming out optionally, standard speech reading, real-time dictionary translation, as well as arbitrary copying of content and reuse of resource materials, which can meet teachers' teaching habits more.

How to Select Touch Screen Smart Board?

3. Humanized design

I deem that a good product, no attribute is more amazing than humanized design.

This is also one of the main reasons for recommending you Yichuang Screen, which has high touch accuracy, no delay in touch, sensitive response, and anti-glare glass.

All applications can be controlled on the screen by touching any object, including a finger or pen, and clicking on the touch screen.

Features such as handwritten text, drawing, and annotation identification can be easily realized, which is convenient, fast, and High resolution no radiation.

All kinds of common operations are placed in the obvious position of the screen, and no need to worry you can’t find the operations anymore.

Guangzhou Yichuang kindly reminder every client that when you select the touch screen smart board, must combine your own actual usage condition, do not blindly purchase, otherwise once board cannot do everything, not only can not experience real use value of touch screen board but also waste your money, after all the smart board prices are not low, especially the size bigger, the price higher.

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