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  • Date:2022/03/15

YCZX interactive whiteboards for business provide a high definition visual experience with smooth and seamless graphics. High-definition audio and video output make it easy for customers to have high-definition picture quality and synchronous stereo sound. Give people a face-to-face product introduction experience no matter where you are.


Our interactive whiteboards for business are widely used in the enterprise, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, training, and many other scenarios and have high precision infrared touch technology and it can realize multi-touch, zoom in and out, gesture erasing, recording notes and other functions, truly realize intelligent writing integration office. Besides, they can save and share meeting records locally and in the cloud by scanning codes or sending emails on mobile phones, avoiding manual sorting and avoiding missing important information.


Moreover, the interactive whiteboards are a new human-computer interaction experience that can wirelessly transmit images from mobile phones, tablets, and computers to the conference tablet for collaborative presentation. It can support the real-time sharing of nine images, making communication and sharing more convenient. YCZX interactive whiteboards have an advanced conference system that enables real-time, no-delay, high-quality meeting communication between conference tablets and other video terminals (mobile phones, tablets, and computers) to achieve high efficiency and low-cost communication.


Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard

YCZX's interactive whiteboards for business conference systems have a powerful array of built-in microphones that accurately recognize speakers' voices, At the same time, Our interactive whiteboards for business use TNR-2 noise reduction technology to automatically filter ambient noise so that each speaker speaks clearly as a whisper. The remote sound pickup and automatic gain technology can automatically gain the sound according to the distance change so that you can walk freely in the conference room, but also clearly speak.


Our interactive whiteboard for business is compatible with a variety of remote video conferencing software and hardware, and the split-screen dialogue supports multi-party conferences, making the cross-regional collaborative office more convenient and efficient, and greatly saving huge travel expenses. They have a stainless steel pure metal bracket, which effectively supports the body's peak operation, and an aluminum alloy screen frame, providing comprehensive security protection for Our interactive whiteboards for business. Mohs class 7 explosion-proof glass effectively supports hundreds of millions of erasures. Our interactive whiteboards for business, are worthy of the "Iron Man" in enterprise Office equipment.


interactive whiteboard digital

Nowadays, Our interactive whiteboard for business has been widely used in enterprises, colleges, hotels, finance, institutions, and other organizations with the help of our interactive whiteboards make meetings more relaxed, active atmosphere, and enthusiastic participants. Greatly improve the overall efficiency of the conference. In the field of education, Our interactive whiteboards can realize multimedia and diversification of digital teaching, so as to help teachers and students learn more quickly. In the enterprise field, Our interactive whiteboards for business can replace traditional projectors, realize meeting touch, and change the original meeting mode.  

Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturer

YCZX provides commercial display and special TV system solutions for schools and industries, is indoor advertising machines, outdoor advertising machines, electronic whiteboards, school teaching hospital window displays, government affairs hall window displays, queuing cueing machines, line number machines, self-help gets, self-help order machine, industrial control touch all-in-one, touch display, control in the meeting All-in-one full-size custom manufacturer.

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