Use Your Interactive Monitor Display to Create An Interactive Presentation

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2019/06/08

Many people are curious about whether they can bring a meaningful and productive conversation through presentation to their audience, and how they can significantly improve engagement between them and their audience.

The answer is obviously yes. You can use an interactive monitor display to create an interactive presentation. It will change your old dull and linear presentation format, turning it into a profitable conversation.

You can create a PowerPoint and make all the key points touchable to switch from one page to another page through a hyperlink. When your audiences have some questions or some supplement points, it is easy for you to write a digital annotation on the page and save, review them later. It is also convenient to insert images and objects by dragging your objects directly into the pages. Then you can save the PowerPoint with all the key points and notes your audiences care about and send to them.

Use Your Interactive Monitor Display to Create an Interactive Presentation

Use Your Interactive Monitor Display to Create an Interactive Presentation

This interactive led screen also encourages the engagement of the audience for their participation and interactivity in the presentation personally. They will forget they are being presented to and engaged in the conversation. When you present to a group of people, different people may have different questions and needs. You can encourage them to operate themselves to find out the answers they need.

Now we have an interactive monitor display, it is a new type of electronic whiteboard. The interactive display is a wall-mounted or withstands screen which displays images and enables touchscreen interaction. Without a projector, it is the same as a tablet but much larger. People are trying to search for a new experience from their familiar mobile devices and tablet to other devices. And that is the interactive monitor display. The operating system of Windows and multi-points touch provides the capabilities to allow third-party hardware and software to be incorporated for increased flexibility.

Electronic whiteboard manufacturer-YCZX gives you higher brightness, clearer images, multi-touch, natural writing interactive led screen, that is why the interactive monitor display can provide the interactive presentation to the audience.

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