The Future of Electronic Interactive Whiteboard

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2018/08/24

Because of the development of touch technology, electronic interactive whiteboard develops rapidly into new types of interactive flat panels and smart board. While the growing figure of people is updating their educational and conference equipment, some designers and manufacturers begin to consider the future of interactive whiteboards and how they will develop in the future.


1. More powerful software

With an increasing need for more flexible and convenient use of interactive whiteboards, more and more manufacturers start to research and develop their own software for educational and conference use. For example, they will build a platform that is easy for audiences to store and share files. All audiences can give comments on the topics and the lecturer can show these comments and save them for a future interview.

It is also good for audiences in a distant location once they are in the system. It will be instant communication once they are in the system.

Besides, there may be more powerful and convenient educational software for particular ages of children such as kindergarten and primary school. More games, more educational resources, and more fun.

2. More functions

The popularization of new technology will help interactive whiteboards have more functions. With smaller sizes and mobile stands, the interactive whiteboards can be used as inquiry machines in various places such as hospitals, museums, exhibition halls,  and restraints. Fluent touch and fast response are its advantages to be used as an inquiry machine.

In the future, interactive whiteboards may use face recognition for theft prevention and identity recognition. In some means, it is not only an interactive whiteboard; it is becoming one symbol of technology development in various fields and aspects.

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