75 Inch Touch Screen Applied To Classroom

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2022/06/21

In recent years, with the improvement of the quality of people's living standard, the medium of school teaching quality has been improved, the traditional chalk blackboard teaching has been completely replaced by teaching machine and electronic whiteboard, because 75 inch touch screen can greatly improve the efficiency of teaching and learning, improve children's interest in learning, our 75 inch touch screen is widely applied to various universities teaching machine Received the majority of teachers and students praise.


Nowadays, 75 inch touch screen in most middle schools. Because our 75 inch touch screen combines multimedia teaching, it has many benefits compared with traditional teaching, which can not only create a relaxed environment Green learning environment also allows students to learn more easily in teaching practice, if will be our 75 inch touch screen, as a main teaching aid, is different from the previous slide making in lesson preparation. Both the design of exercises and the presentation of knowledge reflect the active operation of teachers, instead of simply looking at the screen and interpreting teaching, which adds a lot to the affinity of teachers.


Yichuang 75 inch touch screen application in middle schools can successfully attract students' attention by virtue of its own advantages, and arouse students' enthusiasm for learning, students pay attention in classroom, listen carefully and improve students' understanding. This 75 inch touch screen contains a teaching resource library and some supporting software. The existence of these resource software provide students with a variety of methods and ideas to analyze and solve problems during learning, so they can easily understand the accepted knowledge and find a suitable method to solve problems in learning. It is also more conducive to the development of students' thinking with the use of multimedia, which can be demonstrated by dynamic diagram. In this way, 75 or 85 inch touch screen application in the classroom can create a dynamic and attractive learning environment for students. It not only helps students to develop their thinking, but also helps them to assimilate knowledge and cultivate their innovation ability.


Yczx 86 Inch Smart Board


Due to children's learning ability is not strong, if only a single teaching through book, its teaching effect is unsatisfactory results. Through the application of 75 interactive touch screen, all kinds of knowledge are taught by pictures, videos, animations, children's songs, small games and other ways, which are vivid, and children can easily accept and learn quickly. Our 75 inch touch screen integrates infrared touch control technology, multimedia network technology, intelligent office teaching software, high definition flat board display technology and other technologies, and integrates projector, computer, electronic whiteboard, TV, touch function and other devices into one multi-functional interactive teaching equipment. The traditional display terminal is upgraded to a full-featured human-computer interaction device. Through our 75 inch touch screen, teachers can realize writing, annotation, painting, multimedia entertainment and computer operation.


Besides, Yichuang's 75 inch touch screen is different from general all-in-one computers. This smart interactive screen has unique man-machine interaction function. When teachers teach knowledge, children can participate in interaction, such as number writing and picture drawing, which can deepen the understanding and impression of knowledge, help to improve learning efficiency. Touch Screen will make kids love learning. In other words, our 75 inch touch screen can meet the various needs of consumers with different screen specifications, different hardware configuration and different appearance.     


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