6 Points Why Use Digital Interactive Whiteboard For Teaching

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2022/02/16

1.  Environmentally-friendly

In the past, chalkboards and chalk were used in class for a long time. The problem of chalk dust pollution caused by cleaning the blackboard caused great harm to the health of teachers and students. Using digital whiteboard for teaching, the problem of chalk dust pollution can be completely solved, creating a dust-free, pollution-free teaching environment, which is conducive to the health of teachers and students. So more and more people are choosing YCZX's Digital Interactive Whiteboard nowadays.


2. HD Presentation with Big Screen

In the past, the blackboard would be affected by the light, resulting in the reflection of light, affecting students' viewing and not conducive to the development of teaching. The LCD screen equipped with the teaching Touch all-in-one machine has a large size and a high resolution of 1920*1080. The picture is clear, the color is true, and the display effect is not affected by the light. Students can clearly see the content displayed on the screen no matter where they are in the classroom. The use of digital interactive Whiteboard is conducive to the smooth development of teaching content.


3. Rich Appliacations And Sofeware Resources

Before the digital interactive whiteboard leaves the factory, manufacturers will install professional teaching software for different customers according to their application conditions. The teaching software can provide a large number of different teaching resources free of charge according to different teaching application fields. Teachers can call to carry out teaching at any time according to their needs. Students can also learn various aspects of knowledge through the software, which is helpful to teachers' teaching and improve students' interest in learning.


4. Real-time Writing And Multi-user Operation

The digital interactive whiteboard software equipped with teaching Touch all-in-one machine allows teachers and students to write and annotate only by using a stylus or directly touching the screen with their fingers. It also supports simultaneous operation by multiple people, with smooth touch, continuous line writing and no blind spots.


5、Save Notes And Help Review For Teachers And Students

The electronic whiteboard software of teaching touch all-in-one machine can automatically save all the blackboard content of the teacher and all kinds of resources used in the class, and can also choose to save the teacher's voice synchronously and generate electronic courseware synchronously. The generated files can be published through the Internet and various channels, so that students can review the contents of the class after class or at any time.


6. Excellent quality

YCZX has been focusing on the development and production of touch all in one machine for many years. The high-quality touch all in one machine products, excellent quality and good service have won the praise of the majority of consumers. It has provided a large number of teaching all in one machine for more than 100 colleges and universities or training structures, and has been highly recognized.

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