Interactive Whiteboard vs Interactive Flat Panel

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2021/06/22

A growing number of schools, corporations, and exhibition halls realize the best way to engage people and improve presentation is to update and modernize interactive whiteboards or interactive flat panels. But here comes one question is what are the differences between interactive whiteboard and interactive flat panels are.

In fact, they are similar but different in various ways. There are three main aspects different.


1. What they are

a. Interactive whiteboard is a kind of electronic whiteboard needed to connect to a projector and external computer. The main principle of how it works is that it projects what the computer displays through the projector. While an interactive flat panel is a led interactive whiteboard with a built-in computer, it can work as a computer and a flat screen display at the same time.

b. Interactive whiteboards heavily rely on external computers through connection. So the working system of the interactive whiteboard is only Windows. As for the interactive flat panels, some of them have an Android system so users can download the free applications from App Store. Besides, they have easily replaced built-in computers.

2. Audio and Video quality

a. Because interactive whiteboard projects what the computer displays through the projector, the visual quality is not clear enough. Sometimes, you may need to suffer from the shadow on the screen because of the projector. The interactive flat panel uses an LED screen panel and it can display itself. With higher resolution and visual quality, the interactive flat panel is clearer for the audience.

b. Interactive whiteboard has lower brightness because of the projector. It is also one factor why it has lower visual quality. The interactive flat panel has higher brightness and resolution for all the audience in the room.

Interactive Whiteboard VS Interactive Flat Panel

3. Ways to use

a. Interactive whiteboard usually has 1 or 2 points touch. And you need to write something on the board through a touch pen. The interactive flat panel has multiple-touch such as 10 points or 20 points touch. An interactive flat panel uses resistive or capacitive or infrared touch technology, so it can be written by fingers. It is more convenient to use.

b. Interactive whiteboard is usually needed to be mounted on the wall. That means it is usually heavy and difficult to maintain. The interactive flat panel has a smaller size and mobile stand. It is more flexible than the interactive whiteboard. You can also use it as an advertising kiosk on a fixed stand.

c. Interactive flat panel can connect to a laptop, computer, and smartphone. You can also airplay your iPhone to an interactive flat panel. With the help of software, you can easily change the connection from one device to another device. An interactive whiteboard can only connect to one computer one time and you may need external wires or lines to change the connection from one laptop to another laptop.

It can be seen from the above graphs that interactive whiteboard and interactive flat panel have their own features and advantages. YCZX is one of the best and professional interactive flat panel manufacturers in China. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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