Smart Interactive Boards For Classrooms

  • By:YCZX
  • Date:2022/03/11

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's social economy, people's education concept and consumption concept are also developing. In order to thoroughly implement the national education policy and promote the development of education informatization, many schools have unified the replacement of traditional teaching equipment. Based on the principle of selecting the best quality and the most reasonable price, YCZX interactive whiteboard manufacturer has carried out interactive boards instruction for many schools.


This measure not only accelerated the construction of school education modernization, but also provided a foundation for improving the whole level of education informatization. YCZX interactive boards for classrooms at the YCZX interactive whiteboard manufacturer's advanced educational solution provides outstanding display effects, both in brightness and color. YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard can present the teaching content perfectly. The smooth human-computer interaction experience makes it more convenient for teachers to operate the electronic whiteboard, and the school has formulated and implemented many innovative teaching modes, forming a complete set of information-based teaching system.


At the same time, YCZX also organizes trainers to provide operation training for many frontline teachers of school teaching. YCZX hardware equipment is combined with advanced interactive whiteboard software independently developed by YCZX, which can easily realize the deep integration of information technology and practical teaching. YCZX interactive whiteboard software is an integrated teaching tool that integrates lesson preparation, teaching, distance teaching and basic education resource network to meet the needs of front-line teachers. It is suitable for interactive electronic whiteboard, touch all-in-one computer, writing board and other devices. The software can open files in EMF, DOC, TIF, WMF, PPT, PNG, JPG and other formats. Teachers can use interactive Whiteboard devices to modify, demonstrate, discuss, and annotate imported files.


The customized toolbar can be customized according to different disciplines and matched with teaching resources of different disciplines to meet the operation and teaching requirements of teachers of different disciplines. Many teachers reflect that the interactive Whiteboard software of YCZX is easy to operate and highly practical, which brings great convenience to teachers in class. After training on the functions and maintenance of hardware products. Classrooms at many schools told us, "Our interactive boards for Classrooms exceed conventional projectors in terms of light durability, environmental protection, and dust resistance.


This not only saves schools the cost of replacing the bulbs, but also frees video teachers from tedious maintenance work and makes them more efficient." Teachers also reported: "YCZX's Interactive Boards for Classrooms maintains a consistent brightness output regardless of day or night lighting, which makes for a great viewing experience for students."


YCZX's interactive boards for classrooms "have a wide color range, long life span, high efficiency, environmental protection, and low cost", which not only bring higher economic value to schools, but also better meet the needs of the current domestic education market. With the development of education informatization in China, the market demand for educational equipment industry will increase. YCZX Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturer always believes that only by carefully creating each product with the "spirit of craftsmanship" can we provide more educational solutions that better meet the needs of more schools. To create a better life experience for more people.

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