Interactive Functions of Digital Whiteboard For Teaching

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  • Date:2022/04/25

When it comes to engaging students, nothing can beat an immersive learning environment. YCZX digital whiteboard can help teachers create interactive projects for their students that are more interactive and engaging than ever. Unlike a traditional chalkboard, digital boards can display text, images, and even videos, allowing students to visualize what they are learning. In addition to providing the teacher with instant feedback and instantaneous feedback, digital boards can also be used for important announcements and collaborative activities.


Moreover, A smartboard's size and resolution are important factors to consider when selecting a digital board. Generally, smartboards range from 55 inches to 98 inches. Make sure your screen's size is appropriate for students to read easily from the back of the room. Also, consider the resolution of the screen, which can range from standard to Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160p). YCZX classroom with smartboard is an interactive digital board that allows users to share information in real-time. Unlike chalkboards, digital boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These boards are designed to be easy to use, have superior picture quality, and are more affordable than their traditional counterparts. They can replace outdated chalkboards and other classroom technology, and they have many interactive features. In addition to facilitating seamless information sharing, digital boards can also be used in home settings.


Digital Content is a great way to get students involved. Interactive and real-life content connects to a topic and helps set learning objectives. While written notes and lectures are great for teaching, they do not always provide students with a clear idea of what they will be learning. Digital Content gives students a clear picture of what they are learning, and a digital board acts as a repository for knowledge. If your students aren't engaging and interested, they won't want to learn anything new.


Another great feature of a digital whiteboard for teaching is that it's connected to the Internet. That way, students can interact with the lesson from anywhere. You can even upload multimedia content to the board for further collaboration and interaction with the material. A digital board makes it possible for students to collaborate with each other from their own computers or mobile devices. This means that they don't have to leave the comfort of the classroom. The digital board also provides a better learning experience, which means students retain the information easier.


65 Inch Touch Screen whiteboard  

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom

According to a recent article from a leading university, interactive lessons on smartboards or whiteboards increase student engagement. Technology encourages students to actively learn. Students ask more questions and take more notes, leading to more effective group activities such as brainstorming and problem solving. More and more teachers are using smartboard technology in the classroom. Here are five ways teachers are using this technology to interact with students:


1. Display other content on the whiteboard

Whiteboards should not replace teaching or class time. Instead, it should strengthen the curriculum and provide opportunities for students to engage more with information. Teachers should prepare other materials before class that can be used with smart technology, such as short videos, infographics, or problems that students can solve using a whiteboard.


2. Highlight important information in the course

Smart technology can be used to highlight important information as you complete the course. Before the course starts, you can outline the sections to be covered in the course. At the start of each section, you can break down key themes, definitions and key figures for your students on the whiteboard. In addition to text, this can include graphics and videos. Not only will this help students take notes, but it will also help them review future topics you discuss.


3. Involve students in group problem solving

Focus on problem solving. Present a problem to the class, then hand the interactive whiteboard to the students to solve. With smartboard technology at the center of the program, students can better collaborate in the classroom. Digital technology is unlocking the internet while they work, allowing students to connect lessons to the technology they use every day.


4. Answer student questions

Engage students with interactive whiteboards and in-class questions. Use smart technology to find additional information or data. Write the questions on the whiteboard and complete the answers with the students. Show them how you answered questions or extracted additional data. Once completed, you can save the question results and email them to students for future reference.


Smart Board technology in the classroom

Smart technologies such as interactive whiteboards are an ideal solution for schools that struggle to connect students to classroom lessons or keep students engaged. Interactive whiteboards in the classroom provide students with technology they know and understand. It enhances collaboration and invites interaction with the course. Then students can see how the technology they use relates to the lessons they learn in school.

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