How Amazing Touch Screen Board For Teaching Is !

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2022/02/12

All-in-one touch screen board for teaching infrared touch technology, intelligent office software, multimedia network communication technology, the high clear panel display technology and so on many technology integrated into an organic whole, integrated the projector, electronic board, a variety of equipment such as computers, televisions, touch function, which integrates multi-functional interactive teaching equipment, to upgrade the traditional display terminal for the function of human-computer interaction equipment. Through this product, users can realize writing, annotation, painting, multimedia entertainment and computer operation, directly open the device can easily deduce wonderful interactive class.


How to use touch screen board ? The use of touch screen board for teaching can refer to the way we usually use computers. Because the core of a touch screen board for teaching is like a computer. There are several differences from using a touch screen board with a computer :

1. The  touch screen board for teaching can touch and multi-touch.

2. Holding down the is the  touch screen board for teaching equivalent of right-clicking the mouse.

3. During the teaching process, the electronic whiteboard software of  touch screen board for teaching can be reasonably used to prepare lessons, modify courseware, annotate and save courseware.


Living in this high-tech era, all kinds of all-in-one touch screen board for teaching have been widely used in various fields, and the use of fingers for touch operation has gradually become a behavior habit. In the field of education, after the traditional multimedia classroom is no longer able to meet the teaching needs, the all-in-one touch screen board for teaching developed specifically to improve the teaching efficiency has gradually become the mainstream teaching auxiliary equipment.


The integrated design of YCZX all-in-one touch screen board for teaching integrates all the hardware functions needed for teaching into a shell. At the same time, the traditional mouse and keyboard are abandoned and touch operation mode is adopted. The application of all-in-one touch screen board for teaching not only reduces the teacher's teaching pressure, but also improves the students' learning enthusiasm, which is welcomed by the majority of teachers and students. The advantages of all-in-one touch screen board for teaching are mainly shown in the following aspects :



Convenient and practical is the core design concept of all-in-one touch screen board for teaching intelligent multimedia classroom solution. Only simple operation, practical function and good effect can improve the efficiency of teaching and learning. The project has less construction quantity and short construction period. Integrated intelligent touch and Bluetooth wireless sound amplification system, no need to re-wiring, do not destroy the original classroom pattern.


The advanced nature

Compared with the traditional multimedia classroom scheme, the all-in-one touch screen board for teaching integrated intelligent touch control and Bluetooth wireless sound amplification system fully embodies the advancement of the whole system in terms of access mode and system control.



Wireless application is the inevitable trend of the application of modern network technology. Whether the multimedia classroom is compatible with the campus network and whether it can call the outdoor teaching resources is the primary criterion to evaluate the scalability of the multimedia classroom. The all-in-one touch screen board for teaching network control function, which can be controlled by teachers' handwriting computer or remote control through the campus network to provide services for future development.


Handwriting convenience

Teachers can use handwriting of all-in-one touch screen board to make a mixture of handwritten text and graphics courseware, the input method is in line with teachers' handwriting, greatly saving lesson preparation time.


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