How Interactive Whiteboard Work for Business

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2018/09/08

Over these years, interactive whiteboards for business whiteboard technology have been completely different since it was invented. Nowadays it is used in various fields such as education, business, exhibition and so on. Today we have an interactive whiteboard by an interactive whiteboard manufacturer which is more powerful and convenient for collaborative meetings.


The new design of interactive whiteboard combines whiteboard with a computer so it can be used as a display tool and the computer itself. With the support of powerful software, an interactive whiteboard can bring many benefits to the business.

Here are some benefits of interactive whiteboards for businesses to bring to their work.

1. More collaborative meeting

Instead of more than 30 minutes of one-way presentations, an interactive whiteboard can enable more participants to engage in and collaborate in the presentation through sharing files and writing annotations with the help of software. The presentation speaker can share files with participants and participants can also write comments and annotations on the system.

This way is also good for video conferences. People can have video talk, share ideas and files remotely. When people have the ability to express themselves on the same project, they will be more focused on it. Then one-way presentation can also be two-side communication. They can write down their questions and comments as annotations. These annotations can be saved for feedback and later review.

2. Easier presentations

You can only write, put sheets and stickers on a traditional whiteboard. Sometimes, it is not vivid enough for your presentation particularly when you have lots of sheets and graphs. And when you use a projector, you need to connect your laptop and sometimes the visual effect is not so good. But interactive whiteboard can solve all the above problems you are worried about.

You can have more tools and ways for your presentation. Not only you can display graphs, but you can also play videos and open HTML documents. You or participants can also connect their computers or smartphone to an interactive whiteboard to display files on their devices. And you don’t need to worry about the shadow caused by the projector. An interactive whiteboard is a display tool itself. High resolution and clear image make it clear for all the participants in the room.

3. Easy touch, easy use

Interactive whiteboard uses Infrared multiple-touch technology. You can use fingers, palms, and other opaque objects to write and draw. No dry erase markers are needed. You can also directly drag, move, zoom in/out and click on the objects to your preferred place and size. You can imagine or understand it as a large touchable device like a smartphone and pad. So it is very easy and familiar for most people to use.

In fact, there are more benefits that interactive whiteboard brings for business. And YCZX is one of the best and most professional manufacturers of interactive whiteboards in China. For more information, welcome to contact us. 

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