Advertising Player

What is LCD Advertising Player?

The LCD advertising player is a brand-new generation of intelligent tools that make use of a typical fluid crystal display to realize info screen and video clip advertisement playback via networking as well as multimedia system control.

Businesses can use  LCD advertising players to display ads, content, information, and other things they want their customers to know. LCD advertising players are preferable to traditional advertising way because they’re easier to update and attract customers' attention.

Advantages of the LCD Advertising Player

The LCD advertising player provides vivid images and videos. As a result, the brands’ messages and product images are deeply ingrained in consumers’ minds.

Customized sizes are available on demand. Depending on the advertisement location and the requirements of the businesses, the size will be changed flexibly.

The LCD advertising player runs continuously 24/24 to access maximum potential customers.

This type of advertising can actively attract a larger number of viewers, especially in enclosed spaces. This allows customers easier to memorize products and brands.

The LCD advertising player has split-screen playback, switching multiple languages, timing switches, and other functions. Convenient for bulk replacement of advertising content and timed playback.

Applications of the LCD Advertising Player

The interactive touch screen advertising player is a new one-touch solution for many scenes such as shopping malls, cinemas, and exhibition halls. Placed in the vicinity of the crowd the interactive LCD advertising player is placed in a large number of places to achieve its maximum use.

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