New Teaching Way In Using Smart Touch Board

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2022/02/17

The appearance of the smart touch board has reformed the traditional teaching mode. The smart touch board has stimulated students' strong interest in learning, enriched students' imagination ability and improved students' reading ability. Through the touch function of smart touch board, it can better meet the comprehensive requirements of academic reports, conferences, academic exchanges, multimedia teaching, on-site teaching and distance education, with intelligent management system and good audio and video effects; smart touch board, smart touch board for teaching is also called touch screen, touch screen as one of the latest computer input equipment, it is the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It gives multimedia a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive equipment.


YCZX's touch screen smart board,smart touch board for teaching can not only realize one-button control, but also realize double control, three control and multiple control by adding additional panels through mobile phone APP without cutting wall wiring, truly realizing the idea that users can control how much they want to control. Smart Touch Board, smart touch board for teaching in the process of using the same way as the general computer, Generally, computers use keyboard and mouse as input devices, while smart touch board and smart touch board for teaching use touch box as input devices.


Smart Touch Board and Smart Touch Board for Teaching :

Finger click smart touch board, smart touch board for teaching, fast click smart touch board twice, smart touch board for teaching, long time click smart touch board, smart touch board for teaching respectively represent the mouse click, double click, right click functions; When you need to input text on the smart touch board, smart touch board for teaching, the on-screen keyboard or handwritten keyboard of the system can be used;


Smart touch board, smart touch board for teaching, and traditional keyboard and mouse devices can not achieve multi-finger operation, double finger operation picture zoom in and out, ten fingers at the same time for painting and other touch operations. In addition to smart touch board and smart touch board for teaching, other teaching software, such as electronic whiteboard and special courseware for teaching, are designed to efficiently realize corresponding functions in the teaching process. With touch operation, corresponding teaching display and real-time interaction can be realized more efficiently.


In the selection of smart touch board and smart touch board for teaching, comprehensive consideration should be given. Do not choose poor quality products in order to reduce costs, but must choose honest manufacturers and brand manufacturers with market reputation. Ensure a smooth flow of meetings. Users had better choose manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights after comparing good product performance, and choose a product most suitable for their own is the best policy. YCZX's smart touch board and smart touch board for teaching are the first echelon in both product performance and manufacturer's independent research and development production strength. Simple appearance and simple operation, no additional purchase is required for standard sale, and there is no reason to return or replace the board for up to six months. Fifteen years of research and development and manufacturing strength, is a worthy start of the conference "artifact".

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