What Is The Use of All-in-one Pc Touch Screen

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2020/10/23

All in one pc touch screen introduction:

Advanced all in one pc touch screen at domestic and abroad, it is a multi-functional PC interaction terminal that uses an interactive touch screen monitor.

Six in one integrating interactive touch whiteboard, TV, audio, computer, Internet, multimedia playback, and other functions.

Multi-application for education teaching, conference, business advertising, and so on.

For example, internet multi-media teaching system, education training recoding system, business product presentation system, 4S auto shop product experiencing system, real estate property sales inquiry system, airport inquiry checking system, medical institution inquiry system.....

All in one pc touch screen features:

1. Energy-saving environmentally friendly certificated by CE, FCC, ROHS.

2. Aluminum alloy frame design, excellent heat dissipation

3. 4MM tempered glass. Option for anti-glare

4. Support Dual OS, with internet,multi-media player, office software: PPT,Word, Excel

5. Multiple interfaces for connecting external devices easily

6. Multi-application, with whiteboard software in 10 points touch, multi-screen with PC, mobile phone, iPad.


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