Remote Areas Embrace The 85 Inch Interactive Display

  • By:YCZX
  • Date:2022/06/29

As we all know, the 85 inch interactive display brings a higher level of interactive teaching. Since the country vigorously develops information-based teaching, interactive teaching equipment has become a necessary facility in the classroom. The capacity of The Chinese market has grown from 200,000 units in 2010 to nearly 1 million units in 2016. The popularization of application is inevitable from large and medium-sized cities to remote and backward areas.


The standard stipulates that the size of the electronic whiteboard should be suitable for the classroom area. At present, the majority of conventional classrooms are 50-70 square meters, and the classroom class size is generally 40-50 people. The matching electronic whiteboard should be at least 85 inches The industry chaos will be effectively standardized, 85 inch interactive display will dominate the market in the future. Industry standards clearly put forward the "large-scale hardware intelligent; Application network intelligent; Software interoperability and content sharing "industry trends. The "large-scale and intelligent hardware" mainly refers to the hardware innovation of interactive intelligent electronic whiteboard products in the future, which focuses on larger display size and stronger computing and data analysis performance. In terms of product application size, the popularization trend of 85 inch interactive display has been very obvious.


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YCZX's 85 inch touch screen can stimulate students' learning emotion and arouse their learning enthusiasm. It is the task of teachers to stimulate students' interest in learning. Our smart interactive display has become an effective teaching tool to stimulate students' interest in learning. Our 85 inch interactive display can help students establish the connection between concepts and representations in their brains and establish the connection between various senses with vivid and intuitive stereoscopic images, so as to integrate the form of the left brain with the meaning of the right brain and the knowledge structure of students themselves and process it to solve problems.


After using our 85 inch interactive display in class, due to the auxiliary role of computers, various abstract knowledge concepts are presented in front of students in an intuitive image, which ADAPTS to the characteristics of students who are good at thinking in images, so the learning effect is significantly enhanced. In the direction of product hardware intelligence, the 85 inch interactive display also highlights the application direction of network and intelligent teaching in recent years, the development of cloud computing technology, intelligent classroom analysis technology, and the technological progress of intelligent hardware products Cost reduction goes hand in hand, greatly improving the practicability of interactive multimedia classroom teaching.


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On the surface, the 85 inch interactive display is still a simple device, but now it can achieve more functions and create more value Software is becoming a focal point in the competition for interactive teaching equipment, which is the highlight selling point of many companies when they launch new products.  On the other hand, interactive teaching facilities have shown a trend of networked and intelligent development in recent years. In the era of intelligent network teaching, 85 inch interactive display has become the core carrier of classroom evolution, which promotes the accelerated development of interactive teaching equipment innovation 85 inch interactive display has become the product direction of classroom development and the future of market demand.    


The development of intelligent technology and the implementation of networked teaching for 85 inch interactive display, so that interactive teaching successfully out of a single classroom how to cross classrooms and schools Even across the region, the realization of remote teaching interaction has become an inevitable research topic. For the 85 inch interactive display software and application data base, the specification and interface of content sharing and equipment interoperation between different brands of products has been defined, which will become the basic specification of development and design future product.   

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