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As the world returns to the office – at least to some extent – ​​one of the biggest concerns for companies is ensuring that a given work setup keeps employees safe, connected, happy and efficient at work. The appearance of an office environment can vary greatly, however, there is a growing perception that work is not where you go, but something you do. As a result, work-from-anywhere environments will become increasingly common.


For this reason, Interactive panel touchscreens will play an important role in enabling digital collaboration between hybrid teams to continue seamlessly. Until a few years ago, touch screens were bulky, overly complicated and difficult to use. However, improving the precision of the touch interface has greatly improved the user experience. Now you can use them with your familiar personal touch device. There are many good reasons to use a digital device in your sessions, but choosing the touchscreen monitor is not so simple. The touchscreen market is becoming increasingly crowded, with many additional brands, screen technologies, sizes and features to choose from. More importantly, space, software, methodologies, and people must also be considered before making such an investment. Therefore, choose one of reliable interactive board manufacturers before you make determination to buy one, YCZX maybe a great choice for you !


1.1 What Is The Purpose For Using Touch Screen Monitor ?

Start with this question: What are the main uses and use cases for this touchscreen? We often see touchscreens gathering dust because it's unclear what they're for in the first place. Here are different environments where we see great value in using a touchscreen:


Demonstration room


computer touch screen monitor.png   

In a presentation room, a presenter delivers a speech or presentation to an audience of attendees. This could be the plenary part of the workshop, or it could be a presentation on itself. The only person interacting with the screen will be the presenter or moderator to present their presentations, synthesize the work and make annotations. The bigger the screen of computer touch screen monitor here, the better. Sometimes it even connects to larger projectors for larger groups. The multi-touch experience doesn't matter. And the screen can be in a fixed position. The presentation screen should be larger for maximum readability and impact.


Meeting room

The purpose of the meeting room is usually to make decisions (such as budgets or project plans). These meetings are usually short (up to an hour) and participants can work standing or sitting, including 2 to 8 people. Users often need to view documents, sketches, annotations and all that on the screen in a very intuitive and easy way. The tactile experience and multi-touch are very important here, as well as the different ways to connect personal devices.


1.2 What Is The Technology Used In Touch Screen ?

YCZX 55 touch screen monitor has built-in projected capacitive touch technology for digital signage and interactive applications. This screen is designed to fit almost anywhere, making it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a remarkably beautiful design and comes with standard VESA mounting patterns for easy installation. In addition, the monitor has many mounting options, including table and kiosk mounting. Its vandal-resistant glass makes it a great choice for boardrooms, restaurants, and other public spaces. Its HD touchscreen display delivers an excellent picture and is highly responsive. The display's narrow bezel and full HD resolution make it an excellent choice for both landscape and portrait modes and the embedded media player allows you to watch videos and movies without having to load them. The player also has built-in cooling fans and real-time temperature sensors.


1.3 What The Size of Touch Screen Should Be ?

Usually, the screen diameters for touchscreen monitors are typically 55" interactive touch screen, 65" interactive touch screen, 75" interactive touch screen and 85" interactive touch screen monitor. But 27-inch touchscreens like the Microsoft Surface Studio work just as well. Which one to choose depends a lot on the use case, how many people are in the session, and how far away they are from the screen. Previously mentioned use case mentioned,  a 55-65 inch screen is usually best for breakout sessions in an innovation lab, but a 27 inch Microsoft Surface Studio above a high table would work just as well. For a presentation room, you will almost always have to choose the larger screen size, or even connect it to a projector with a larger screen size. Meeting rooms are best equipped with 55 to 75 inch screens, depending on the size of the room.


1.4 The Interactive Touch Screen For Education

Installing interactive flat screens in classrooms has many advantages. These interactive displays for education encourage collaboration and engagement among students, make lessons more memorable and interactive, and allow teachers and educators to adapt to changing educational environments with remote learning tools and mixed. With so many models to choose from, it can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. When it comes to choosing the best interactive monitor for education, it really comes down to which monitor is best for your classroom and your teaching needs. Although we haven't written about the smart whitleboard prices, all of the monitors we reviewed today are priced differently - some more affordable, some more expensive - so your budget will definitely play a big role in determining When it works best for your showcase brand. Start improving your classroom technology with YCZX today! Call us today toll-free at +86-13510609058, email, or fill out the form on our website to get started. 🙂

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