55 Inch All In One Pc For Business/Education

Are you still using a traditional chalkboard or whiteboard for your conference room or classrooms? Are you suffering with shadow on projected screen or slow connection to PC/laptop? Why not try YCZX 55 inch all in one pc interactive flat panel for Business/Education. YCZX 55 inch all in one pc has 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and 55 inch touch screen could present complex graphics and content to your close and faraway audience. Precise mark-ups and clear content on the 55 inch touch screen monitor with advanced interactive touch screen display technology. Easy and fast connection to PC/laptop and many other connectivity options makes it simpler to connect to varied devices and share documents together with files in mobile devices.

55 inch all in one pc also makes presentation easier. With the help of mirror software, it is much easier to connect to different devices without numerous wires. Save your time to connect to different devices and wait for response from them. Apart from that, interactive digital display annotation could add audiences’ feedback or comments on the 55 inch touch screen during a presentation. The interactive flat panel is convenient for you to write comments, drag and zoom in images making presentation more flexible.

YCZX 55 inch all in one pc panel make education and business easier. YCZX is a specialized interactive whiteboard manufacturer with over 10 years OEM manufacturing interactive flat panel experience and 60% domestic online markets shares. The interactive digital display helps to improve the efficiency of many classrooms and meeting rooms. Therefore, it gains high popularity and trust in many countries in each continent.

For the touch screen monitor, the most problematic part is probably the touch screen. When encountering these problems, how should we solve them?

1. Analysis and Treatment of Screen Fault Phenomenon of touch screen monitor

Fault 1: Touch deviation: The position of the finger touched does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

Analysis: After installing the driver, when correcting the position, there is no vertical touch of the center of the target. Processing method: Recalibrate position.

Fault 2: Touch deviation phenomenon: some areas touch accurately, some areas touch deviation.

Analysis: Touch the screen around the screen stripes accumulated a large amount of dust or scale, affecting the transmission of the screen caused.

Processing method: Clean the touch screen, pay special attention to the screen reflection stripes on all sides of the touch screen clean, clean the power of the touch screen control card should be disconnected.

Failure 3: Touch non-response phenomenon: when touching the screen, the mouse arrow has no action and no change in position.

Analysis: There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the following are explained one by one:

(1) The dust or scale accumulated on the acoustic reflection stripes around the surface acoustic touch screen is very serious, which makes the touch screen unable to work.

(2) Touch screen malfunction.

(3) Touch screen control card malfunction.

(4) Touch screen signal line malfunction.

(5) The serial port of the host computer has malfunction.

(6) The operating system of the computer has malfunction.

(7) Installation error of touch screen driver.






Operating System Info.

Windows OS

Windows 10

Android OS


Touch Info.

Touch Technology

Infrared touch

Touch points

10 points

Input way

finger touch, or any opaque object

Touch response speed


Display Panel  Info.

Display Type


Size of display(mm)



3840*2160 UHD

Tempered glass(option)

Glass type

4mm tempered glass

Glass transmittance

95%(tempered glass), 80%(anti-glare glass)

Other Info.

Power of display


Life time

50,000 hours

Working voltage

50-60HZ 100-250V

Standby power


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity environment


Power of speaker


Frame material



Size of product(mm)


Size of package(mm




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