32 Inch Interactive Touch Screen Monitor For Home

Sometimes small touch screen monitor is better, just like YCZX 32 inch interactive touch screen monitor. It has small touch screen monitor which is convenient and flexible for you to fit and place. You can even put and carry 32 inch interactive touch screen monitor by your luggage helping you save much space. Multi touch screen monitor is small but powerful because small touch screen monitor can be used as home use television, personal touch screen computer and office small screen computer. For home, you could mount 32 inch interactive touch screen monitor on the wall of your bedroom, living room and study. Or you can use small touch screen monitor in the small training room, meeting room and more application scenes.

Multi touch screen monitor allows 10 simultaneous touch points without extra driver required. Featuring Infrared touch technology ensures fast response and accuracy while Edge-to-edge glass surface delivers sleek design and smooth touch operation. So you can tap, swipe, slide and pinch in a snap, and enjoy smooth navigation with two-handed touch control from edge-to-edge. Multi touch screen monitor also allows two users simultaneously write on the screen.

YCZX is a professional LED interactive whiteboard manufacturer with 10 years manufacturing experience and 60% domestic online selling touch screen monitors market shares. YCZX’s products have improved the efficiency of many schools, and gain high popularity in many regions.

The interactive whiteboard can communicate with the computer, connect the whiteboard to the computer, and use the projector to project the contents of the computer onto the whiteboard screen. With the support of the special application program, it can construct a large screen, interactive collaborative meeting or teaching environment.Many of the interactive whiteboard manufacturers now being made to invent the most convenient and advanced interactive whiteboard.

Using a specific positioning pen instead of the mouse to operate on the whiteboard, you can run any application program, you can edit, annotate, save files on the computer using the keyboard and mouse can achieve any operation.

Traditional whiteboard

Since the late last century, people began to invent and use writing whiteboard, mainly to avoid dust damage to the health of teachers and students.

Electronic whiteboard

Electronic whiteboard products were first developed in 1991 by SMART Company of Canada. The electronic whiteboard products were commercialized and used in European and American markets.

Interactive whiteboard

It is a key step in the history of whiteboard development. It really realizes the two-way interaction between whiteboard and computer, demonstrator and audience. Overseas SMART company is the first company to research and develop, while Shenzhen Julong Science and Education Company is the first company to research and develop the hardware and software of interactive electronic whiteboard in 2001. The first interactive electronic whiteboard was launched in China in the same year. Before 2004, the domestic market demand for electronic whiteboard was small, and the market was dominated by SMART, Promethear, Julong Science and Education and other famous brands. Beginning in 2005, with the gradual maturity of educational multimedia conditions, domestic electronic whiteboards began to emerge, gradually expanding the sales scale. Since 2008, with the large-scale emergence of ultra-short focus and short focus projectors in the projector market, the problem of projection light occlusion in the use of interactive electronic whiteboard has been effectively controlled. The demand for electronic whiteboard worldwide has expanded rapidly. The application of domestic interactive electronic whiteboard has matured rapidly, and the whole industry has accelerated its maturity.

Interactive whiteboard also supports copying. It connects the electronic whiteboard directly to the printer and uses a specific whiteboard pen to print on the blackboard. When printing is needed, the color or black-and-white printing can be achieved by pressing the printing key on the following board. It can also be used as a teaching electronic whiteboard to connect the electronic whiteboard with the computer. At this time, the electronic whiteboard is equivalent to a handwritten board with a very large area. It can be written, painted and displayed on the computer at will. The files are saved as graphic files. This function generally requires a dedicated application support. Through specific application programs, interactive whiteboard can communicate with other offices and conference rooms through the network, and realize network conference and distance learning.






Operating System Info.

Windows OS

Windows 10

Android OS


Touch Info.

Touch Technology

Infrared touch

Touch points

10 points

Input way

finger touch, or any opaque object

Touch life response speed


Display Panel  Info.

Display Type


Size of display(mm)



1920*1080 FHD

Tempered glass(option)

Glass type

4mm tempered glass

Glass transmittance

95%(tempered glass), 80%(anti-glare glass)

Other Info.

Power of display


Life time

50,000 hours

Working voltage

50-60HZ 100-250V

Standby power


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity environment


Power of speaker


Frame material



Size of product(mm)


Size of package(mm




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