49 Inch Digital Interactive Whiteboard For Gaming

YCZX 49 inch digital interactive whiteboard utilizes the latest touch screen smart board solutions and technology, and support fingertip, stylus and pointers. 49 inch digital interactive whiteboard can support 10 points real touch simultaneously and more than 2 users at the same time. Not only it could help students’ interactive collaboration, but it can also support multi-users, play interactive games together on the touch screen interactive whiteboard. It is able for them to write, draw and drag to achieve more engaging levels of interactivity and entertainment.

Digital interactive whiteboard uses full HD 1920 x 1080 interactive led screen with wide 178-degree viewing angles. And with a max brightness of 350 nits, touch screen interactive whiteboard is bright enough to be used in most occasions-meeting room, classroom and living room. You can use touch screen interactive whiteboard as the gaming and movie monitor to have entertainment with your friends as well as family. You can use 49 inch digital interactive whiteboard for gaming and entertainment, you can also explore more functions and purposes with joy while using.

YCZX is a professional electronic interactive whiteboard and interactive whiteboard manufacturer with 10 years OEM smart board interactive display manufacturing experience. YCZX is the Top Three in domestic online market with 60% market shares. Its products have been sold to most main countries in each continent with varied certificates-RoHS, FCC, CE, CCC, BIS and ISO9001. It gains high popularity and trust with its high quality of interactive LED screen.

Recently, a Dream Creation Open Course was held in Hongkou. Xiao Zhanjun listened to the struggle history and experience of Shanghai entrepreneurs. Among them, a product called "Whiteboard Home" attracts our attention, which is an digital interactive whiteboard. So, what's the magic of it?

"Whiteboard Home" Intelligent Whiteboard is developed by a domestic start-up company named Youyi Electronics. From the appearance, it is more like a "picture frame", a digital intelligent writing frame. And an ordinary white board, assisted by the whiteboard maker, instantly transforms into a cool intelligent product.

Jobs put touch screens on mobile phones, changing the era of mobile phones, and what we are doing now is throwing away the screen, which will open up a new era. Maybe you will be curious, how can we get rid of the screen?

The digital interactive whiteboard is suitable for a wide range of environments, you can install it on ordinary whiteboard, glass curtain wall, or smooth surface, instantly upgrade the traditional writing plane to a digital writing plane, automatically record all tracks, and real-time send to the cloud and mobile end, so that you can clearly see the record you want wherever you are.

This digital interactive whiteboard is very suitable for use in classes and office meetings. Students will no longer worry about being unable to see and photograph the teacher's PPT in class, and participants will not have to worry about missing important meeting minutes.

In use, the hardware part is a smart writing frame without screen, which is fixed on the white board or other plane by magnetic or back stickers. In terms of software, it is only necessary to install the intelligent synchronous sharing system POT on the computer to transform the handwritten words on the Whiteboard into digital records.

In addition, users can quickly record what you want by using Wechat Public Number or Whiteboard App.

In large classes, the traditional electronic whiteboard screen size is easy to meet the needs of the class, its price is lower than that of interactive smart tablet, and its advantages in the market are more obvious. But for small-scale teaching and meetings, the advantages of digital interactive whiteboard can be further reflected. In human-computer interaction, we have begun to rely on mobile intelligent devices.

The interactive intelligent whiteboard can change the fixed and immovable information into movable, communicative data, even permanently stored in the cloud or mobile end, which makes the interaction diversified and more convenient.






Operating System Info.

Windows OS

Windows 10

Android OS


Touch Info.

Touch Technology

Infrared touch

Touch points

10 points

Input way

finger touch, or any opaque object

Touch response speed


Display Panel  Info.

Display Type


Size of display(mm)



1920*1080 FHD

Tempered glass(option)

Glass type

4mm tempered glass

Glass transmittance

95%(tempered glass), 80%(anti-glare glass)

Other Info.

Power of display


Life time

50,000 hours

Working voltage

50-60HZ 100-250V

Standby power


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity environment


Power of speaker


Frame material



Size of product(mm)


Size of package(mm




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