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Smart Touch Board Product

Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

China NO.1 touch screen display supplier - YCZX manufactures all in one pc touch screen, touch screen smart board, etc, with more than ten years. Covering from 32inch to 98inch all in one pc touch screen for education, conference, home use.
It was powered by windows/android or dual operating system built-in.
Provided with annotation and collaborative software people can walk up to the screen and start brainstorming or paint pictures with the simple and intuitive interface. Interactive screens for classrooms and interactive whiteboards for business are the most ideal and modern all in one solution for classrooms and meeting rooms. It will take the place of that traditional equipment, such as an interactive whiteboard, speakers, TV, computer, and projector.

Interactive Flat Panel Application Scenes

Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an interactive flat panel manufacturer. Nowadays, the application of touch screen smart board has been very popular in public daily life and work. The simple and convenient touch control operation method has been loved by the majority of users, and various industries are in rush to purchase and use it.

The small size 32-50 inch smart touch board:

Application: for home, smart TV, entertainment
1.Small and easy to carry and mount, economical and can meet most basic needs for an interactive touch screen monitor and all in one pc, interactive 10 points touch
2.High resolution but low price, value for money to most price conscious people, interactive 10 points touch
3.Suitable image quality and monitor size for gaming and entertainment, cost-effective choice in small size series, interactive 10 points touch
Feature: lower refresh rates, gets rid of any latency and playback lapses, see the whole screen details.

The medium size 55-70 inch all in one pc touch screen:

Application: for classroom, meeting room, small and medium size room
1. Capable all-in-one pc that functions like any other high-end all-in-one pc would, good and affordable all-in-one pc
2.Wonderful view and operation experience with less space, interactive 10 points touch, suitable for most rooms
3.Main and popular choices for most customers, the best balance between image quality and interactive touch screen monitor size, support dual operating system (WIN/Android), interactive 10 points touch
4.Fast response and sensitive touch screen in large series, support dual operating system (WIN/Android), interactive 10 points touch
Feature: suitable for most rooms, fantastic viewing experience without taking up much space, a sweet spot for most people in a lot of ways, look and perform better than most small sizes while costing less than a largest size

The large size 75-98 inch touch screen board:

Application: for company, school, teleconference, large group meeting
1.Large interactive displays for education and interactive whiteboards for business use, easy to share and present with installed software, support dual operating system (WIN/Android), interactive 10 points touch
2.Large touch screen board for presentation, same function as home theater, support dual operating system (WIN/Android), interactive 10 points touch
3.Large touch screen board for large group meeting and teleconference, luxury experience for viewing, annotation and whiteboard function for better presentation, support dual operating system (WIN/Android), interactive 10 points touch
Feature: support higher resolution, better image depth, and color handling, a more cinematic and immersive viewing experience


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About Us-Smart Board Supplier

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Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. located 3rd / F, NO. C19 Building, Hua Chuang Animation Industry Park, JingShan Village, ShiJi Town, PanYu District , Guangzhou city. Specialized in doing 32 inch ~ 98 inch all in one PC touch screen, big touch screen pc for education, conference, home use. In the year 2013, We set up our own brand “YCZX”, which sells in the domestic China market. Now it's the top 1 touch screen board brand selling online. Covering 60% market selling quantity.

Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. In addition, we have obtained FCC, I S O 9 0 0 1, RoHS, CE certificates. Selling all in one PC touch screen products well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

The interactive flat panel takes high-definition liquid crystal screen as display and operation platform. It has the functions of writing, annotation, painting, multimedia entertainment and network conference. It integrates many technologies such as human-computer interaction, flat panel display, multimedia information processing and network transmission. It is the preferred solution for office, teaching and interactive demonstration of graphics and text in the information age.

The interactive flat panel integrated by hardware white board and software white board operating system. Its core components consist of an electronic induction whiteboard, an induction pen, a computer and a projector. Electronic induction whiteboard is a large induction screen with normal blackboard size and working under the support of computer software and hardware. Its function is equivalent to computer display and replaces the traditional blackboard. The electronic induction pen takes on the dual functions of the electronic whiteboard writing pen and the computer mouse, and replaces the traditional chalk. Teachers or students operate directly on the whiteboard with induction pen (equivalent to chalk on the blackboard in traditional teaching): write or call various software, then feedback to the computer through electromagnetic induction and quickly projected to the electronic whiteboard through projector. Whiteboard operating system is a software platform existing in computer.

It not only supports information exchange between people and whiteboard, computer and projector, but also brings a powerful subject material library and resource production tool library. It is also an intelligent operating platform compatible with various software. Teachers can call various materials or application software teaching on whiteboard at will. Whiteboard integrates traditional blackboard, computer, projector and other functions, making it very convenient for teachers to use.

Why Choose Us- Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturer

As the China NO.1 interactive whiteboard manufacturer, YCZX supply the best big touch screen pc with consummate& innovative technology. We not only have obtained FCC, I S O 9 0 0 1, RoHS, CE certificates, but also has thoughtful after-sales service.
Do you want to have a pleasant experience by smart board product? Please contact YCZX. We are confident we can satisfy you!

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