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Why YCZX Interactive Whiteboard Are Good for Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

  • Date:12/29/2018

The YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard utilizes the latest touch solutions and supports fingertip and stylus input to give you more engaging levels of interactivity. Ten point touch capabilities let you get creative with friends and colleagues, allowing you to share ideas or mark notes onscreen on the spot. You can use fingers, palm and other objects to write, draw, drag and zoom in/out.

65 inch touch screen interactive whiteboard

The YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard features a Ultra HD 3840*2160p display with wide 178-degree viewing angles. With a max brightness of 450 nits, it is bright enough to be used in meeting rooms and classrooms. No need to worry about brightness tiredness of staring at the board. It is bright and clear enough for audience and presentation.

Whether you're engaging a small group or a larger audience, the YCZX Interactive whiteboard helps you get your message across in new and innovative ways. It is suited for a myriad of uses, and is ideal for use in classrooms, boardrooms, or in TV studios.