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Why Do I Choose Interactive Flat Panel?

  • source:Yichuangscreen
  • Date:09/14/2018

Do you know interactive flat panel and interactive whiteboard? Nowadays, the interactive flat panel has becoming more and more popular,do you know the advantages about it? Please look at the following:  

Interactive whiteboard (IWB) has become a common educational tool for school and university. Obviously, IWB has changed the way how we teach and learn. It is the upgrade and replacement of the chalkboard. It enables more sharings and open communications during classes. But, is it ideal enough for education?

10 points interactive flat panel education

The answer may be no.

Interactive whiteboard

First point is the projector. Many teachers may suffer from dealing and handling the errors or problems of projector. The errors of projectors may ruin your whole class as most teachers need the projector to show their presentation. It is easy for them to use or change laptops or mac book when something wrong with their device. However, it is very difficult for them to change the projector. Besides, even with the newest generation of projector, there will still be a shadow on the screen together with lower resolution.

Apart from that, IWB is not so easy to share with different devices. You need various wires to connect different devices let alone it is usually time consuming to operate. Sometimes, you need to install drivers to ensure working. Mostly, IWB can only connect to laptops and USB flash drive. But, this function will be very limited with growing number of people prefer to work with their smart phones.

Interactive flat panel

And now, we have interactive flat panel (IFP). You can understand it as the combination of PC, Android device, 4K smart TV, projector and interactive whiteboard. No need to worry about errors of projectors and there won’t be any shadows on the screen. Forget those troublesome projectors.

It is easier to maintain and operate comparing with interactive whiteboard. 10 points interactive flat panel education enables more students to cooperate and play together at the same time. More fun can be enjoyed for home and classroom use.

Of course, it will be higher resolution and better viewing experience because of 4K screen. Enjoy cheaper but almost the same experience as home theater. Large screen interactive flat panel gives you a better experience of teleconference and lecture. Clearer image, faster response and easier connection to various devices.

Interactive whiteboard is good, but ages and technologies have moved forward. The same as chalkboard, interactive flat panel one day will replace interactive whiteboard for its various advantages.

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