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What is Interactive Flat Panel?

  • source:yichuangscreen
  • Date:12/07/2018

Education equipment in classroom has changed from blackboard to interactive whiteboard. There is also much new education equipment more powerful than interactive whiteboard such as interactive flat panel.

In fact, interactive flat panel is a new type of interactive whiteboard. While interactive whiteboard needs to connect to a computer/laptop and projected by a projector, interactive flat panel uses built in computer and displays with its own interactive led screen. Interactive whiteboard needs to be hung on the wall because of the reliance to projector, but interactive flat panel can be hung on the wall or movable stand so it is more convenient. Generally speaking, interactive flat panel is a kind of all in one LED panel connecting to built in computer and Android devices. Besides, it uses new touch technology supporting multi touch.



So, what can you do with an interactive flat panel?

  • First, you can write on it with any opaque objects as most interactive flat panels use infrared touch technology supporting multi touch.
  • Anything you write can be saved and reviewed for future reference with annotation. It can be saved as picture or printed out. It is much easier for groups to record a brainstorming session or mind map to write on the screen.
  • You can use the interactive flat panel software with various tools to run your presentation for classroom. There are many subject tools such as compasses, beaker, and organ pictures. You can also get access to Internet to browse web pages and play videos/flash.

Nowadays, interactive flat panel is becoming the mainstream. And we can believe in the future it will play main role in classrooms.