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6 in 1 Touch Screen Electronic Interactive Whiteboard

  • source:yichuangscreen
  • Date:11/02/2018

Nowadays, Many schools want to buy their classrooms all kinds of artificial intelligence learning machines.

Most of school purchase department will meet with many problems in the procurement process. Such like education resources are not distributed, teachers are not distributed, and most importantly, money is not distributed.

surprisedWhat is the solution?

laughingYou need a 6 in 1 touch screen electronic interactive whiteboard!

interactive whiteboards for schools

surprisedSo what exactly can be a collection of learning and entertainment functions all 6 in 1?

laughingThat is Yichuang interactive board manufacturer’s product,led interactive whiteboard.

Yichuang touch screen whiteboard, it has the function of learning machine, computer, TV,education whiteboard, speaker,projector, all 6 in 1! It can play like a computer to surf the internet,like a TV,easy to switch between learning and entertainment, save money and efforts!

Let’s keep learn what the touch screen whiteboard can do in following:

  • Abundant learning resources, synchronous teaching and research institute, the content is just right.

Combined with local and online resources, the rich teaching resources cover all subjects including Chinese, mathematics, English, chemistry, physics and geography.

After school, children can open the teaching intelligent all in one led interactive whiteboard to play while learning according to the learning stage.

  • Intelligent touch control, human-computer interaction, simple operation

Using infrared touch technology, the interactive pictures are very interesting. Using the interactive led screen is just like playing a smart-phone. It can support 10 people to touch and control at the same time and switch pages and corresponding functions.

  • Interesting learning situations and effective interaction with students

Has the powerful teaching software, the design is extremely childlike interest.Abstract and contextualize the obscure static knowledge, and present it through simple and interesting stories combined with voice, portrait and other dimensions, making the knowledge easy to accept and impressive.

  • The electronic interactive whiteboard can stimulate students' creativity

led interactive whiteboard

The intelligent electronic interactive whiteboard software is built in, including Chinese, math, English, physics and other multi-subject graphics tools, rich color drawing board, a variety of paintbrush tools, can also be intelligent split screen, easy to save, stimulate students' creativity.

  • Telecommute. Makes work more efficient at home

In addition to the above advantages for education, a variety of office software is also built into theall in one led interactive whiteboard, which supports the switch of PPT, document, and form. It can work directly on the interactive monitor displays and modify the program. It also has multi-point screen projection function and supports wireless and wired connection with personal computer, most importantly, it supports with a two-way operation.

electronic interactive whiteboard

Support the third party remote meeting software, equipped with the camera, real-time, no delay, high stability transmission of instant meeting picture, at home can also easily decision-making thousands of miles.

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