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New Office Construction Completed

  • source:Yichuang
  • Date:06/08/2018

We are very happy to announce that the construction of our new office building has been completed. We have now moved all the maintenance supporting staff and management to our new office which close to our factory. The new office is herewith our operations which is an important improvement to our efficiency and internal communications, apart from that the new show room construction completed with over 700 square meters, where putting all sizes of all in one interactive flat panels samples, from 32inch to 98 inch.

We look forward to welcoming you and give you a tour to our new office & factory at any time.

Manufacture: 3rd / F, No. C19 Building,Hua Chuang Animation Industry Park, JingShan Village, ShiJi Town, PanYu district, Guangzhou.

Office:6 floor,No. 6 building,Phase II,Hua Chuang Animation Industry Park, JingShan Village, ShiJi Town, PanYu district , Guangzhou.

New Office Construction Competed 02
New Office Construction Competed 03
New Office Construction Competed 04
New Office Construction Competed 05