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The Premium Interactive Touch Panel For Immersive Business And Learning

  • source:yichuangscreen
  • Date:10/12/2018

YCZX interactive screens for schools

The interactive whiteboards for business and interactive screens for schools are becoming more and more popular.

The interactive touch screen display with smart touch,10 points IR touch technology, HD web camera video.

  • Finger or pen touching anywhere
  • 10 Points IR Touch Technology
  • Professional whiteboard software
  • Fast response, writing, erasing, zooming in/ out, moving, etc

The innovative interactive touch screen display technology provides a smooth pen-on-paper writing performance enabling teachers and students to collaborate with ease. The innovative interactive touch panel technology can detect finger, pen, interactive touch display and palm erase allowing students’ simultaneous collaboration.

YCZX interactive whiteboards for business

  • Mobile phone, Ipad mirroring to an interactive touch panel
  • Computer PC displaying to the large interactive touch display with wireless connector device without internet

Easy connection to interactive touch panel makes presentation and cooperation easier. Easily mirror mobile devices to share content or connect pc, computer to support your meetings or lessons.

YCZX interactive touch panel

HD Web camera video conference

Join the meeting wherever you are.

  • Real-time
  • No delay
  • High stability

With the help of internet and video conference software, it is much easier to have a real-time far distance conference. No matter you are at home or have a business trip, interactive whiteboards for business is possible to communicate and have a meeting through devices whenever and wherever.

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