Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Teaching

  • By:Yichuang
  • Date:2022/03/10

Part One Applications of YCZX Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard

YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard is used by schools and teachers to select teaching and it’s also a practical tool used for meeting communication in the conference room. It can communicate data with computers, which is to connect the data to the computer. YCZX intelligent electronic whiteboard displays data on the screen for viewing. Supported by powerful technology, it has a high definition, high resolution screen, interactive collaborative meeting or teaching environment, making the office and classroom atmosphere more lively. The Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard solution makes these features possible.


The working principle of touch screen interactive whiteboard is divided into infrared principle, pressure sensing principle, electromagnetic principle and tracking principle. YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard uses an infrared Touch Screen. The working principle of the infrared touch screen is that the infrared receiving tube and infrared transmitting tube are covered all around the touch screen. These infrared tubes are arranged on the surface of the touch screen in a one-to-one corresponding position relationship, forming a piece of infrared cloth.


Part Two Functions of Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard

YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard is a LCD multimedia device with touch function, which is mainly used in classrooms, conference rooms and other large multimedia classrooms. The interactive is to interact with machines through touch function. It is this function that accelerates its development process. In particular, multimedia classrooms are standard (instead of projector screens).


YCZX touch screen interactive whiteboard is a modern teaching equipment that combines projector and wall-mounted teaching machine (or computer) to realize man-machine and everyone interaction. It is mainly used for teaching, meeting, training, etc. There are original handwriting electronic whiteboard, optical electronic whiteboard, infrared electronic whiteboard, electromagnetic electronic whiteboard and other types. As a well-known interactive Whiteboard manufacturer at home and abroad, YCXZ's continuous innovation and research and development is of great significance to society, schools, teachers and students.


Part Three Different Meanings For All Walks of Life

In terms of its impact on society, YCZX's smart application and smart teaching concept will set a successful model for the education industry and be a model for the development of education informatization. By spreading new ideas and expanding students' thinking space, the YCZX Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturer sets the mark for building and developing a new platform. For school, the extension of endless organizational forms of running schools through educational informationization policies will have a new impact on the closed learning constitution. The introduction of YCZX smart education mode not only enrichis the social demand for high-quality education, but also brings opportunities for the school to develop rapidly


For teachers, YCZX Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard can give full play to the initiative and flexibility of teaching, use multimedia teaching more creatively and apply various teaching resources more intelligently, so as to change the functions of teachers, cause the reform of teaching methods, innovate teaching methods and improve teaching efficiency and quality. While as for students, YCZX Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard uses modern teaching media to optimize teaching and learning. YCZX Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard can stimulate students' learning motivation and improve their attention, provide students with rich perceptual materials, concretize abstract concepts, and enable students to extract the essential attributes of learning from them, thus promoting their intellectual development.

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