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What Are the Advantages of Interactive Screens for Education?

  • source:yichuangscreen
  • Date:08/30/2018

Nowadays,all in one pc touch screen is becoming more and more popular. Provided with annotation and collaborative software people can walk up to the screen and start brainstorming or paint pictures with simple and intuitive interface.Interactive touch screens for education is the most ideal and modern all in one solution for classrooms.Interactive touch screens for education will take the place of those traditional equipment, such like interactive whiteboard, speakers, TV, computer and projector.


YCZX all in one teaching machine

It's worth mentioning that interactive touch screens for schools from Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. can take you into "Students Multimedia” times.


Firstly,YCZX interactive touch screens for schools,using large led display with high resolution screen. Specialized in low power,no flash, anti-glare,small CBM,low weight,energy-saving and large interactive area.


Secondly,YCZX interactive touch screens for schools with aluminum brush finish frame. It is durable, which can use in different environment,anti-moisture,anti-rusty.


Thirdly,YCZX interactive touch screens for schools, sensitive touch position and fast response time.


Fourth,using YCZX interactive touch screens for schools, the economical, multimedia teaching anywhere is no more a dream.


Accordingly to primary and middle school actual use, it is easy taking.Completely replace “projector+computer+speaker+e podium+HD display” traditional complex teaching mode. Only all in one pc touch screen,can meet most multimedia teaching requirements! Interactive touch screens for schools is a affordable new generation high-tech products.


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