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98 Inch Big Touch Screen PC For Business/Education

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Product details

If you simply need a large and stunning interactive touch display for your conference room or classroom, then YCZX 98 inch big touch screen pc will be your good choice. People are getting familiar with mobile devices and tablets, now they are searching for the same touching experience on desktop and touch display. And this is how we provide our customers. It is large enough to attract everyone who enters the room. With an ultra wide and HD screen, YCZX 98 inch interactive touch panel represents the best image performance while meeting your needs for different applications. For example, its ultra-high resolution and widescreen are clear for everyone in the room. It can support multi-users to work together on the screen for students’ interactivity and presentation engagement. You can write the annotation and screenshot at any time during the presentation. 10 points Infrared touch technology also provides the chance for students to interact through a touching screen and playing interactivity games.


As an interactive whiteboard supplier, YCZX always tries to give the best products and solutions to our customers. We have rich experience of 10 years OEM manufacturing experience with FCC, CE, RoHS, ISO9001 certificates. Now we are one of the top-selling brands in China covering 60% online market shares. We are exploring our unique ways to provide more powerful products to our customers and create more value for them.


Interactive whiteboard is an interactive electronic display platform which integrates computer technology, information technology, electronic technology and many other modern technologies. It can show the pictures on the computer to the electronic whiteboard. Through the operation of the electronic whiteboard, it can directly control the computer, writing, annotation, erasing, painting, preview, interaction and many other functions. It greatly facilitates the teaching of teachers and students, and plays an important role in teaching activities. The role of interactive whiteboard for bossiness is described in detail below.


It can show the pictures on the computer to the electronic whiteboard. Through the operation of the interactive whiteboard, it can directly control the computer, writing, annotation, erasing, painting, preview, interaction and many other functions. It greatly facilitates the teaching of teachers and students, and plays an important role in teaching activities.


It can display pictures on the computer to the electronic whiteboard, through the operation of the electronic.


Optimized the teaching method
In traditional teaching activities, teachers basically watch blackboard books on the blackboard for students. The better condition is that students watch blackboard books projected onto the curtain through a projector connected by a computer. But the teacher has to operate the computer while telling, which is very inconvenient and uninfluenced. There is even a gap between them. This makes the teacher's teaching not lack of enthusiasm, and the students listen to the lecture. No interest; however, using electronic whiteboard teaching, teachers operate whiteboard just as directly as computers, and can also use whiteboard as a common blackboard, electronic courseware in the electronic whiteboard can also be called out to teach, all kinds of operations make teachers teach more freely, so that the class is no longer too busy and boring.


Enriched the teaching content
The use of e interactive whiteboard can make teachers flexibly call electronic courseware. Video, audio, animation and image can become the teaching material of teachers. It is no longer a single blackboard book and textbook. Different forms of courseware can be used to easily elaborate some abstract and difficult-to-understand knowledge points, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and other convenient contents.


Enliven the classroom atmosphere
For the traditional blackboard teaching, many students are bored. On the teacher's platform, students read with their heads down, lack of interaction and passion, which makes students drowsy and lethargic. The use of e interactive whiteboard,, students'attention is focused on the whiteboard. The above dynamic effect and image show the content of the book make students learn more actively and actively, and greatly mention it. It improves the quality of teaching.


In addition to these functions, the statistical function and voting function of electronic whiteboard can let teachers know students'learning status and which knowledge points are not very skilled; the storage function can store the operation process for teachers to reflect, share and communicate after class. It can be said that the emergence and application of electronic whiteboard is a major breakthrough and change in teaching activities. With the use of electronic whiteboard, the teaching quality of schools and the learning efficiency of students will be greatly improved.


Display Panel  Information
Disgonal size   98''
Resolution   4K/UHD 3840*2160
Display Area   2159*1214(mm)
Display Type   D-LED
Ratio of display   16:9
Best viewing angle   up:89 down:89
left:89 right:89
Max. viewing angle   178°
OS - Android Specification
OS Version   Android 8.0
OS UI Resolution   3840*2160
CPU   MSD848
Dual-core A73 and dual-core A53 1.5GHZ
GPU   Quad-core MaliG51
ROM   32GB
Language   Chinese,English,Russia,Italian,Spanish ect..
OS - Windows Specification
Windows Version Information   Windows 10 Pro version 
CPU   i7-4770 intel CPU
Hard Disk(SSD)   128GB SSD
Graphic card   GT730 2GB 
Touch Information
Touch Technology   Infrared touch
Touch points   20 points
Writing Points   10 points
Input way   finger touch,or any opaque object
Touch life times   Over 60,000,000 times
Touch response speed   6ms
Built in Camera
Built in Camera   x1(front)
Pixel   8.0MP
Interfaces ( in front of panel)
HDMI in   x1
Android USB    x1
PC USB   x4
Interfaces ( in back of panel)
HDMI in   x2
Touch USB   x1
RJ45   x1
Earphone   x1
AV in   x1
MIC in    x1
VGA in   x1
VGA Audio in   x1
RS232 Uart   x1
Spdit out   x1
USB 2.0   x2
SD Card   x1
OPS slot   x1
Tempered Glass
Glass type   3mm tempered glass
  Mohs Level   7
Glass transmittance   85%
Anti Glare   Yes
Physical Specifcation
Buttons(in front of panel)   PC power button*1;Volume up*1;
Volume down *1;Memu*1;Power on/off*1
Dimension of Panel   2229*1284*92(mm)
Package Box Dimension   2400*1470*240(mm)
Net wright   155KGS
Gross weight   130KGS
VESE Size   800x400
Power Supply   650W
Power Stand-by   3W
Speaker   15W*2
Frame material   Alloy
Life time   50,000 Hours
Enviromental Conditions
Working temperature   0~45℃
Storage temperature   -20℃~60℃
Working humidity environment   5%-90%
User Manual   x1
Warranty card   x1
Power cord   x1
Wall mounted bracket   x1
Write  pen   x2
Pointer   x1
Mobile stand   x1