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65 Inch Ultra HD Touch Screen Smart Board

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Product details

YCZX 65 inch touch screen smart board is the new replacement of interactive whiteboard. Comparing with interactive whiteboard,interactive display reduces both costs and time of calibration, changing bulbs of projectors and cleaning filters. Class downtime and waiting time are also minimized, with no unexpected bulb burn-outs or waiting for bulbs to be replaced. interactive display consumes less energy, occupying less space and easier to install and service. YCZX 65 inch interactive displays are designed for education and business. Interactive displays for education brings both added image clarity and greater enthusiasm to the classroom.Touch screen display eliminates the shadows cast when someone approaches a projector and spare those at the front of the room from blinding projector lights. Without these distractions, it is easier to have a higher and smoother presentation no matter in classroom or meeting rooms. Longer hours to use, easy connections to various devices, and simple way to screen sharing, all these make interactive whiteboards an ideal interactive solution for education and business.

Guangzhou YCZX is a TOP 3 brand of touch screen display suppliers in China domestic online market with 60% online market shares. 10 years OEM manufacturing experience, 4 producing lines, 1400 ㎡ office& showroom, 2300㎡ factory, 3000㎡warehouse, 24 hours aging test, that is how we provide high quality touch screen smart board products to our customers. We have strict and professional quality control and after sale team to satisfy your demands. YCZX always provides high quality products with best solution.

Touch Info. Touch Technology Infrared touch
Touch points 10 points
Input way finger touch,or any opaque object
Touch response speed 8ms-12ms
Display Panel  Info. Display Type LED
Size of display(mm) 1433*808
Resolution 3840*2160 UHD
Tempered glass(option) Glass type 4mm tempered glass 
Glass transmittance 95%(tempered glass), 80%(anti-glare glass)
Other Info. Power of display 118W
Life time 50,000 hours
Working voltage 50-60HZ 100-250V
Standby power 3W
Working temperature 0~45℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working humidity environment 5%-90%
Power of speaker 8Ω10W*2
Frame material Alloy
Packing Size of product(mm) 1487.2*843.44*58(A) or 1503.8*860*58(B)
Size of package(mm) 1647*1022*218
N.W.(KGS) 57