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58 Inch Smart Board Interactive Display

Smart Board Manufacturer | Interactive Monitor Displays For Business, School

Product details

YCZX 58 inch smart board interactive display is a new one-touch solution for many scenes such as classrooms, conference rooms and exhibition halls. The interactive monitor display provides one-touch access to collaborative tools including an interactive whiteboard, wireless screen sharing, and web browser. Besides, fully functional Windows 7/10 solutions can be provided just at your fingertips without cabling for external equipment. You can have a video meeting, create or edit documents, create a digital annotation, visiting websites, and play videos by touching. Convenient for meeting rooms and classrooms, you can create or edit digital annotation while you have a presentation. You can write on the interactive monitor display in digital ink using your finger, pointers or pens. Then erase them using your palms or eraser. The annotations could be saved and captured at any time you need.

Guangzhou YCZX is a professional smart board manufacturer with 10 years OEM manufacturing experience, 4 producing lines, 1400 ㎡ office& showroom, 2300㎡ factory, 3000㎡warehouse, that is how we provide high-quality smart board interactive display products to our customers. We also have our professional quality interactive monitor display control and after sale team, we will try our best to satisfy your demand. YCZX offers high quality products with best solution.

Operating System Info. Windows OS Windows 10
Android OS Option
Touch Info. Touch Technology Infrared touch
Touch points 10 points
Input way finger touch,or any opaque object
Touch response speed 8ms-12ms
Display Panel  Info. Display Type LED
Size of display(mm) 1271*724
Resolution 1920*1080 FHD
Tempered glass(option) Glass type 4mm tempered glass 
Glass transmittance 95%(tempered glass), 80%(anti-glare glass)
Other Info. Power of display 100W
Life time 50,000 hours
Working voltage 50-60HZ 100-250V
Standby power 3W
Working temperature 0~45℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working humidity environment 5%-90%
Power of speaker 8Ω10W*2
Frame material Alloy
Packing Size of product(mm) 1325.2*759.44*58
Size of package(mm) 1553*966*218
N.W.(KGS) 43